Harmon Furmintz was a child prodigy who was recruited for the Super-Soldier Project. His hemophilia forced him out of the project.

Harmon was a mentor of Reed Richards. He also worked with Howard Stark in designing bio-weapons.[1]

He later went on to form Genetech; a company specialzing in extra-natural energies and super-humans.

Harmon foolishly tried to absorb the irradiated remains of Terrax in order to stop a battle between the New Warriors and Genetech's test subjects Psionex. Terrax absorbed Harmon and reconfigured his body to better serve as his host. To date there has never been any indication that Harmon's mind survived being absorbed by Terrax.[2]


Furmintz has a strong intellect and years of experience in business and research.


Harmon Furmintz suffered from hemophilia.[1]

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