Early Life

Harmony Young was a socialite model living in New York City.

Luke Cage

She first met Luke at his party for his time that he served at Seagate Prison. The party was at the penthouse suite of his lawyer, Jeryn Hogarth. The party was crashed by two criminal Stiletto and Discus burst into the penthouse and begin blasting the room with their weapons. Luke and Iron Fist tried to protect the guests, with Luke saving Harmony from one of the blasts.[1] The two begin dating not long after that even though She was as quite shallow and vain. She is frustrated when she breaks a nail or is not the center of attention. [2] In contrast to Dr. Claire Temple, Cage has noted that Harmony does not possess Claire's "brains nor her class". [3].

Harmony and Luke were at a party when it was crashed by a group of criminals calling themselves the Rat Pack. Luke leaves her to fight the criminals much to her annoyance.[4]

Harmony Young was also room mates with Misty Knight. She was interupted one day by Storm who told her that Misty allowed her to stay there when ever she needed to[5]

Harmony, Luke, Misty and Danny spent the evening at a club, but it was crashed by a new vigilante named El Aguila again ruining her evening with her friends.[6]

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Claire served as Harmony's Doctor after she was attacked by Sabretooth.[14]

Luke took Harmony to Dazzler's concert. [15]

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However eventually Harmony and Luke broke up.[24]

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