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Harokin was a deceased Asgardian who was once a foe of Thor. He was used by Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death, in an attempt to seduce Thor into entering Valhalla, the home of the honored Asgardian dead.[3]

Harokin later became the leader of the legions of Valhalla, the Einherjar.[1] During a period where Hela controlled Valhalla and its troops, Harokin served under her. He was, however, critical of his superior. He fought for Hela in a war against her rival Ollerus the Unmerciful.[1]

Harokin welcomed Valkyrie to Valhalla and acted friendly towards her. He was shocked when he learned that the Norns predicted that Hela would cast Val to Niffleheim. He questioned Hela about her supposed unfair decision.[1]

Val was appointed commander of the Valkyrior and led Hela's forces on campaign, alongside Harokin. The two armies met in battle at the Pass of Peril.[1]

Harokin and Einherjar sided with Thor during Ragnarok. During the battle for Valhalla, he witnessed the death of Balder and revealed it to Thor.[4] Him and his loyal Einherjar went after Hrinmeer, who had destroyed multiple Asgardian villages. During the fight, all of the Einherjar were "killed" and Harokin himself "died", but not before killing Hrinmeer.[5]




  • Norse Mythology doesn't know of a character named Harokin. There is, however, a female Giant named Hyrrokkin. Whether Harokin's name was inspired by that character is unknown. In mythology, Hyrrokkin pulled Balder's ship to sea for his burial, after all the Gods together failed to move it. Much to the chagrin of Thor who could not stand that a Giant Woman was stronger than he was.
  • While Harokin has acted friendly towards Valkyrie, he seems to have a fascination with her beauty.[1]

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