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Quote1.png Dear boy, you X-Men are not the only mutants in the world skilled in the use of their special, unique abilities. My own talent involves mass. Simply by concentrating, I can increase the mass of objects --and people-- around me. Quote2.png
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Origin and First Alliances

Harold Leland was an alcoholic and obese corporate lawyer[10] of no little professional success,[15] and also a mutant with unethical tendencies.[10]

At some point he was romantically involved with a woman and the two had a son, but the self-made billionaire Sebastian Shaw, who had also been involved with her, took the infant under his wing.[7]

Some time after this, Leland became loyal to Shaw and joined the Hellfire Club,[16] an elite social club for the rich and wealthy located in New York City's Fifth Avenue, though they had seats in other cities as well. Secretly the Hellfire Club hosted a conspiracy, the Inner Circle or Lords Cardinal, whose members aimed to build up political and economical power in an attempt to take over the world; members of the Inner Circle had positions named after chess pieces to signify their ranking, with the King and Queen, either Black or White, being the most powerful. All the highest-ranking members favoured Victorian-style dressing for Club-related formal occasions.[14][8] Otherwise, Leland favoured Edwardian suits and bow-ties for parties.[2]

While a part of the club, he finally met his own son, Shinobi, who was also a mutant,[17] but both remained unware of their true relation.[7]

Leland meets Emma Frost.

At a given point, Leland used his mutant powers to murder a male, later regretting the exhibitionist approach (but not at all the crime); Leland was being target by NYPD detective Lowell Fontaine. Unaware of this, Leland then went to the Samuel Cumberland's Annual Gala, a Manhattan high society event. That party was infiltrated by uninvited Emma Frost, a homeless mutant whose neophyte telepathic powers allowed her to obtain confidential information to invest. She also discovered about Leland's offence. Leland approached Frost to seduce her but, as Frost was afraid of him, she decided to leave the party - only for Leland to politely offer her a ride home. Frost escaped Leland for a second by going to the toilet; Leland walked away for a moment to say goodbye to his other friends in the party - then Frost left without him, afraid that someone may notice her mock admittance.[2][10]

Frost ended up in the underground lair of Dark Beast, a monstrous mutant from Earth-295 who also knocked down Fontaine's partner Sean Cassidy. When leaving the party looking for Frost, Leland instead met Fontaine, and they worked together in the search - even if Leland still held a cup of brandy in his hand. They found the Dark Beast's sewer lair, and Fontaine tried to arrest the Beast. Frost, seeing that the Beast could be a useful ally for her, used her telepathy to control the minds of Leland and Fontaine, so that Fontaine would drop his gun to take a banana and Leland would take Cassidy to the hospital (still holding his cup at the same time). Then, Frost's hypnotic powers made Fontaine and Leland forget about the encounter and go to bed.[2]

Eventually, Frost joined the Hellfire Club and became its White Queen.[10]

Buckman's Gambit

During a New Year's Eve, Leland joined Frost and Tessa in Shaw's beach house, where they cared for injured USAF Colonel Michael Rossi,[15] whose plane had been downed by his own officers.[18] Shaw believed Rossi had useful information and asked Frost to obtain it telepathically. Meanwhile, Shaw himself and mutant teleporter Lourdes Chantel attended the New York City Hellfire Club party hosted by Club President and White King Edward Buckman, who had just promoted Shaw to Black King.[15]

Frost found out about the clandestine program Project Armageddon to build killer robot Sentinels and send them to exterminate mutants, also discovering the people in charge of it: Steven Lang and Edward Buckman, who had tried to murder Rossi when the latter opposed the project. Seeing his plan compromised, Buckman sent Sentinels to kill Rossi and the mutants around him — indeed, Buckman intended to murder Shaw soon afterwards. Luckily, Frost was in telepathic contact with Shaw, and he joined his allies in the beach house via Chantel's teleportation powers.[15]

Frost then helped Chantel, who had been wanting to get out of this life for some time, by making Shaw and Leland believe that she had been killed by one of the Sentinels.[19] Leland was ashamed of his inaction, blaming himself for this disaster, so he used his powers to increase the Sentinel's mass, making it cave in so that Shaw would be in a better position to finish it off with a punch to its head. This use of his powers hastened Leland's palpitations, straining his heart. Luckily, Frost helped Leland recover.[15]

Leland (center) in the Hellfire Club.

By midnight, Buckman gathered the Council of the Chosen, swearing to get rid of the mutants there. He took a gun and shot at his closest friends and allies, believing himself to be killing Leland and the other mutants – but Frost's telepathic powers had tricked him with illusions. Shaw then stepped in to break Buckman's neck, but only after releasing him from the illusion so that Buckman would know about his failure and how he had murdered his beloved. Shaw then claimed to Frost and Tessa that the mutants had taken over the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle (Leland's presence during this moment is unconfirmed,[15] but Leland was known to have helped Shaw with overthrowing Buckman).[14] Indeed, it took Shaw only a short time to fill the Inner Circle with conspiring mutants sympathetic to his ideas,[10] but the general public was unaware of this mutant presence in the Hellfire Club.[8] Leland became Shaw's loyal[10] Black Bishop and Pierce, one of the few Inner Circle non-mutants, became the White Bishop.[14]

The Black Queen Saga

Shaw noticed that mutants were becoming more widespread and, being an industrialist, he aimed to produce customized mutants. For this purpose, he devoted the Inner Circle's affluent assets to the capture of young, inexperienced mutants for experiments,[20] including Chicago-born teenager Katherine Pryde[21] and New York-based entertainer Alison Blaire, stage name Dazzler.[22] This would put the Hellfire Club in direct conflict with the superhero team X-Men, whose school for young mutants tried to recruit both Blaire and Pryde.[21] At the same time, the Club's Inner Circle considered a petition of membership by mutant telepath Jason Wyngarde, alias Mastermind and formerly of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and enemy of the X-Men.[22] Wyngarde used his powers to psychically influence the most powerful member of the X-Men, Phoenix, so she would believe she was a British noblewoman engaged to Sir Jason Wyngarde in the 18th century.[21] After a first encounter with the Hellfire Club, in which Phoenix apparently killed the White Queen[23] and discovered the Club's goals, the X-Men decided to infiltrate the Club's New York premises.[12]

While the X-Men tried a stealthy approach, the Club's surveillance system spotted them. Shaw prepared the Club's attack against the X-Men, and put Wyngarde to the test ordering him to make Phoenix lead the Club's forces - which she did. As the Inner Circle identified two X-Men -Nightcrawler and Wolverine- entering the Club's basement through the sewers, both Bishops (Leland and Pierce) went to intercept them. Pierce, arriving first, strangled Nightcrawler and slammed Wolverine. Leland came in an elevator and used his powers on Wolverine,[12] who was already very heavy due to his Adamantium skeleton.[24] As Wolverine tried to resist, Leland increased the strain on his enemy, making him super-heavy. Suddenly, the floor broke under Wolverine, throwing him through the sub-basement to the sewage system, where the current took him away. Even Leland was surprised at this,[12] but he was sure that Wolverine had drowned and reported accordingly.[25]

Leland then met the other Lords Cardinal[12] in a library room in the Club.[20] They had defeated the other X-Men, Colossus and Cyclops, and agreed to name Phoenix the new Black Queen. At Shaw's request, the Lords drank a toast to her,[12] having their prisoners chained and powerless due to Inhibitor technology in the manacles. They joined the Club's Anniversary Party, and Leland praised the Black Queen, even comparing her favourably to the late White Queen. Suddenly, Cyclops collapsed to the ground in front of their eyes - Cyclops, attempting to release Phoenix, had just lost a mind duel with Wyngarde.[20]

Wolverine had survived and barged in the library. Shaw reprimanded Leland, who had told about Wolverine's death. Wyngarde then tried to prove his value over the current Black Bishop by sending the Black Queen against Wolverine – but Cyclops had secretly released her. The Black Queen pretended to fight Wolverine, while in the process she released the X-Men and fell Pierce. Then Cyclops used his optic blast powers to shoot a bolt directly at Leland. Propelled through the door, Leland broke a railing and fell to a lower floor's wide area. Quickly, Wolverine attacked Leland from above in a rematch. At that moment, Leland foolishly used his mass-increasing powers against his opponent a second time, resulting in Wolverine crashing through the floor again, only this time with Leland beneath him as Wolverine intended.[25] Wolverine slashed Leland with his claws,[26] causing him severe injuries.[27]

Shaw and Pierce ran away, but Wyngarde was apprehended by Phoenix, who lobotomized him. Still, the X-Men escaped lest the Hellfire Club press charges against them. Shaw indeed used this chance against the X-Men when the police arrived:[25] He claimed that the X-Men had rampaged through the building, scared the attendees, and attacked several people: Leland and Wyngarde required hospitalization. Shaw would use this chance to convince a guest, Senator Robert Kelly, to support his project to build mutant-hunting Sentinels, because traditional law enforcement was unequipped to stop this kind of threat.[27]

Further Adventures

The Hellfire Club withdrew Wyngarde's potential membership,[1] but still they dealt with other people. An impoverished Scottish nobleman, Angus Munro, progeny of Hellfire Club founder Duncan Munro, had obtained a massive power gem, the Sonic Crystal, in his family domains and went to the United States to show it to the Hellfire Club. Meeting with Leland and the other Lords Cardinal, Munro exposed his project of using the gem to feed a weapon that could destroy anything in the world. After listening and testing a Crystal shard, the Hellfire Club agreed to provide resources for Munro's plan and, should it work, give him a position in the Inner Circle. The project would never be finished and eventually fail after Leland's lifetime.[28]

The White Queen had survived her encounter with Phoenix, and recovered after one month.[29] The Hellfire Club then arranged a new plot against the X-Men, where the White Queen used technology to swap her mind with X-Woman Storm, then defeated all the X-Men (Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Professor X, and their ally Amanda Sefton, Nightcrawler's witch girlfriend) with a surprise attack. The Hellfire Club then again tied them up with inhibitor manacles (which were useless against Sefton's magical, non-mutant powers, of which the Club did not know). Leland and several soldiers of the Club watched over their prisoners in a wide office in the X-Men's headquarters.[13]

Frost (in Storm's body) and Shaw entered the ad-hoc jail to gloat, pretending that Storm had switched sides. When Wolverine questioned her, Leland grabbed Wolverine by the latter's collar and threatened him, but Wolverine kneed Leland's crotch. Two soldiers battered Wolverine while Leland recovered, then the three of them took Wolverine to the Danger Room, purportedly to teach Wolverine a lesson. Wolverine tried to fight back, but he was tied and powerless, while Leland was doubling his mass every second. Leland wanted to hear Wolverine beg in exchange for a chance to live, but the X-Man refused. Sefton then made everyone believe that Wolverine had died, but this was an illusion caused by her power. Leland used a TV to communicate with the prisoners, announcing Wolverine's death (although, he added, he had wanted to torture him for several days). Leland then returned to the prisoner's room.[13]

Leland was a sub-par fighter.

Later, another X-Woman who had been also presumed dead, Kitty Pryde, entered the room and used her powers to release the X-Men from their inhibitor bindings. Leland tried to use his mass-increasing powers to prevent the X-Men from moving, but X-Man Colossus turned to his armoured form, which gave him superhuman strength and a chance to resist Leland's power for a longer time. By punching the floor, Colossus caused a tremor that decked Leland on his butt. Before Leland could stand up, Nightcrawler teleported on top of him -and this time, Leland understood he should not increase the mass of an enemy in that position. Nightcrawler criticized Leland's moral and intelligence, then punched Leland's jaw in Wolverine's memory. The X-Men then defeated their other guards and, later, all the members of the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club accepted their defeat and reached an agreement with the X-Men so that they could leave.[13]

Leland then worked on a deal with smuggler Peter Coelho of Southern Star Imports to buy Coelho some cutting-edge weapons for the Hellfire Club's Hong Kong division. Coelho was selling literally the same cargo -not the same model, but the same crates- to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, again in Hong Kong, to get paid twice for one shipment. Leland went with Pierce and Tessa to the JFK Airport to check the merchandise and arrange the pick-up.[30]

Pierce then noticed a spy: superheroine Ms. Marvel was hidden in the ceiling beams. Pierce attacked her, making her lose her balance and fall to the floor. Leland used his powers to keep her down and, as she resisted with superhuman strength, Leland increased the pressure on her. Eventually the floor broke, taking Ms. Marvel to a basement. Pierce rebuked Leland, but the latter insisted that Ms. Marvel was probably stunned and an easy prey for Pierce. Pierce went after Ms. Marvel, still angry at Leland and half-heartedly planning to repeatedly beat Leland once Pierce got rid of Leland's ally Shaw. Still, Ms. Marvel defeated Pierce - then Leland again used his power to pin Ms. Marvel down, this time from his position in an upper floor. Understanding that she could not escape Leland's power, Ms. Marvel instead used her super-strength to break the floor and escape through the sewers. Leland was surprised, as he expected Ms. Marvel to stay and fight; but he still considered she was probably dead - if Pierce doubted him, he was free to track Ms. Marvel himself (She survived). Coelho offered to delay the operation, but Leland warned him against that, so he kept up with the operation.[30]

Two days later, the shipment reached Hong Kong; but Shaw discovered Coelho playing the field and murdered him.[30] Soon after that event, or soon afterwards, Donald Pierce was expelled from the Hellfire Club.[31] Another member of the Inner Circle, Friedrich von Roehm, the Black Rook, successfully sponsored sorceress Selene, a long-living mutant, as the new Black Queen.[32]

Leland wore a mask to protect his identity, but Shaw felt no need to do so.

The Battle of Central Park

Selene was attacked by a new X-Woman also using the alias Phoenix - a refugee from an alternate reality - but Wolverine stopped Phoenix from murdering Selene by critically wounding Phoenix.[33] Phoenix escaped to Central Park, and Selene went to the Lords Cardinal (and Tessa) for reinforcements. Selene tried to convinced them that Phoenix aimed to destroy the Circle (which she knew was false), and that she had probably deserted the X-Men. Leland theorized that Wolverine's claws were enough to kill her, but Selene criticized Leland's perspective. Instead, Shaw was convinced to track Phoenix, but trying to capture her alive for the Club's goals. They all went to Central Park with three mercenaries for support – Shaw, Selene, and von Roehm cared little about hiding their identities, but Tessa and Leland chose to use masks and costumes to protect their identities.[26]

Selene used her power over von Roehm to unleash a psychic lycanthropy on the latter, so that he could follow Phoenix's trail. Von Roehm indeed found Phoenix and attacked her - but the X-Men were also after Phoenix, to help her. X-Woman Rogue stopped von Roehm's attack. The Lords Cardinal arrived then, and Selene imprisoned Rogue in a rock temporarily. X-Men leader Storm tried to negotiate with Shaw, but he refused. Instead, Shaw ordered Leland to stop Colossus[26] - and Leland did, increasing Colossus' density[26][10] and making him sink in the solid soil. When Rogue tried to help Colossus, Selene disintegrated her gloves, so that she'd absorb his powers. As Leland was still pushing unarmoured Colossus down, super-strong Rogue was forced to leave him, lest she'd break his arm. Leland offered to stop the attack against already-defeated Colossus, but Shaw insisted otherwise, because the X-Men had to either sacrifice a member's life, or divert some other member to rescue him -indeed Rogue went to Colossus' rescue. However, Storm's leadership was not considered: Storm ordered Rogue to cause an earthquake so that the Lords Cardinal would be shaken, because that would break Leland's concentration and stop his power, giving them a chance to rescue Colossus later.[26] Shaw sent his soldiers against Storm with lethal force.[26]

The fight was interrupted by highly-advanced flying Sentinel Nimrod,[26][10] coming from Phoenix's alternate future where mutants were executed on sight.[26] Leland was particularly scared of the newcomer, wondering if anyone else had noticed his fear[10][26] and suffering anxiety-caused arrhythmia on top of his craving for alcohol. Rogue then emerged from the ground, causing an earthquake under the Lords Cardinal, felling them all. Leland's left arm was injured in the fall, but he failed to notice at the time; more importantly, his power stopped affecting Colossus, which allowed the X-Men to rescue him.[4]

The X-Men defeated the Hellfire Club soldiers,[4] while Nimrod catapulted Shaw into the upper atmosphere[4][14] or near-orbit.[10] Without Shaw, Leland took command of the Hellfire Club and Storm convinced him to join forces against common foe Nimrod. Von Roehm opposed the idea, attacking Storm and fighting Wolverine – but Nimrod disintegrated von Roehm easily. This convinced Leland[4] to cooperate[14][10][4] and follow Storm's intelligent commands.[10][4]

At her bequest, against considerable resistance by the robot, Leland increased Nimrod's gravity to move it towards the ground and thus vulnerable to attack. When the robot tried to attack Leland with an energy bolt in response, Selene protected him by erecting a wall. Nimrod was then tied to the floor. Leland kept on fighting, but his unfit body was weakened and he suffered intense pain.[4] Overweight and in poor health, the effort caused Leland to have a heart attack,[14][4][10] which gave Nimrod a chance to recover. Tessa tended to Leland's injures and confirmed[4] that his death was imminent.[14][4][10] Storm requested Leland to help them once more by using his power on Shaw and bring him back to Earth, fast and dense as a man-sized meteor, falling on Nimrod.[4][14][10] Leland agreed, laughing uncomfortably, and knowing that Shaw's powers would allow him to live. Using sheer willpower, Leland extended his own lifetime a few more seconds to launch his last attack against Nimrod. He lived to see the blast of the impact; he was no longer alive when the light faded,[4] but he died knowing he had saved his allies' and friends' lives.[10]

In pieces, Nimrod teleported away[4][14] and the X-Men and the Hellfire Club had to escape because the blasts, particularly Nimrod's, had attracted police attention at the 86th Street transverse. Phoenix escaped from Earth altogether.[4]

First Resurrection

At a later date, the houngan and super-villain Black Talon obtained Leland's body, as well as the bodies of three other deceased mutants -Changeling, Living Diamond, and Scaleface- to revive them as zombies, in a team called the X-Humed; his motives for doing such were unspecified, but he devoted months to the plan. To find the Diamond's corpse in a common grave, the Black Talon sent a zombie, Joe DeCosta, to cast a spell and affect the whole graveyard, but the Talon's control over his zombies was imperfect and DeCosta escaped, killing a person. This attracted the attention of District Attorney Blake Tower, who sent his employees She-Hulk and "Wheezi" Mason to consult expert Samuel Barone in New Orleans. Barone was secretly the Black Talon and captured them both.[34]

The Black Talon and his giant servant Garth obtained the fourth body, which had just arrived by boat (and who was either Changeling or Scaleface). Each of the corpses was dressed in the original X-Men uniform before the Black Talon started his resurrection ritual with the high moon, pinning jamba sticks to the ground and prompting the zombies to crawl up. Although She-Hulk broke the ropes binding her, she was not fast enough to stop the ritual and the zombies lived. Initially She-Hulk fought the Living Diamond; then Talon ordered Leland to attack, and She-Hulk felt she weighed two tons. Suddenly having an idea, she decided to not fight gravity, but to go with it – falling to the ground and making all the zombies lose balance with the expansive wave. Scaleface recovered first, but She-Hulk finally grabbed one zombie and threw him against the others. This gave her a chance to release her friend Mason - but the Talon took that moment to escape in his own hearse with the zombies.[35]

The Talon could not control so many zombies at once, so he had to leave some free will to each. Changeling had been a hero and refused to obey a villain, so he used his free will to attract attention – by impersonating dead rock star Elvis Presley. A report on the sighting by police car 378 was heard by She-Hulk; chasing the Talon in her flying car, he caused the hearse to crash. The Talon was knocked down and the zombies willingly allowed She-Hulk to put them to rest by putting salt in their mouth, then sewing their lips together, which would theoretically prevent them from resurrecting again. She-Hulk, who could break the fourth wall, theorized that Talon's purpose was simply to put mutants in the comic-book's cover so the sales would be increased.[35]

Second Resurrection

Even with the voodoo protection against further resurrection,[35] Leland -along with many other dead mutants, including Shinobi- was resurrected again by Selene and her allies using the Transmode Virus; this was a part of her plan to achieve apotheosis. Selene sent Leland and Shinobi to murder Sebastian Shaw and Donald Pierce, whom she accused of having failed her.[11] Sebastian Shaw and Pierce were among the prisoners of the X-Men in the X-Brig. Leland and Shinobi entered the prison uninvited, with Leland remembering how he died ironically to save Shaw's life. They were unaware that they were watched by Cameron Hodge and Bastion, the latter being a Sentinel with access to Nimrod's memories.[5]

Shinobi strangled his father while Leland immobilized another prisoner, Empath, with his own powers. However, the prison warden Danger identified Leland's mutant powers in use and acted accordingly to stop them. Danger first used a laser to cut Shinobi's arm and save Sebastian Shaw, then detected the virus.[36] This gave Sebastian Shaw a fighting chance, with Danger by his side and Pierce mostly as a witness.[37]

Soon afterwards, Selene was killed, which apparently stopped the effect of the virus in the resurrected bodies, Leland's body presumably having ceased to be as well.[6]


He was later resurrected by the Five on Krakoa and reunited with Shaw and Emma Frost. Annoyed at how long he had to wait before he was resurrected, he quickly got over it when he was informed he was the father of Shinobi Shaw. He also agreed to become the Krakoan Ambassador to the United Nations.[7]


Power Grid[44]
:Category:Power Grid/Fighting Skills/Poor:Category:Power Grid/Energy Projection/Single Type: Long Range:Category:Power Grid/Durability/Weak:Category:Power Grid/Speed/Below Normal:Category:Power Grid/Strength/Weak:Category:Power Grid/Intelligence/Learned


Harry Leland, the Black Bishop.

Gravity increase: Leland possessed the mutant[20][26][10] ability to increase the mass of an object or person within 350 feet of him[8][9][14] (later extended to a greater range probably due to specific training)[10] and in his line of sight,[30] making it extremely heavy, dense, and massive.[26] The power affected the gravity specifically on the target.[35] Leland's power could affect both people and inanimate objects,[8][9][14] and he could geometrically increase his target's mass,[14][25][13][30] or double it every second,[13] so that the difficulty to move increased the more the target tried to resist.[35] The effect on the targets was temporary.[10]

This power's effect was that a person had trouble to move (or to attack physically)[1] and, in a matter of seconds, the ground would break under the person's feet, specially if it was a soft ground.[1][26][12][30] The target would suffer great strain in their muscles, particularly the heart, with the possibility of suffering physical damage.[1][12][30] If Leland used his power on an item not particularly hard, that item could crumble.[1]
In general, Leland focused his powers at only one target. Trying to do so with several targets, to a maximum of four, required him to concentrate much harder.[1]
In known examples, Leland only used his powers to increase a target's mass; it was never revealed whether he could decrease a target's mass.[10]


Harold Leland was an accomplished lawyer,[1][15] with some knowledge of local seismology.[4]


Leland's power was limited in effect: If the target escaped his range,[1] if Leland lost focus on the power use,[1][4] or if Leland fell unconscious,[26][1] then the power's effect disappeared[1][4][26] after some moments, which may be enough for the victim to die.[30] Any damage the target may have suffered remained.[1]

Obese and alcoholic, Leland was in poor health, which grew worse by the use of his powers.[10] His own muscles were strained when he used his powers,[4][10] frequently speeding up his own heart rate.[15]

Being a poor hand-to-hand combatant, he could be easily tricked to make a mistake in combat,[1] and his own limbs would suffer in a physical fight (e.g. when he injured an arm simply by falling to the ground).[4]

As a zombie, Leland was dead but could still suffer damage.[35]



Sometimes, Leland was seen carrying a walking cane.[10]


  • Oblique and long-winded in his speech, Leland enjoyed the use of long, infrequent words, and called "dear boy" to many of his interlocutors.[30][12][15]
  • Leland's fighting uniform to protect his identity included a green mask, a blue jumpsuit with matching cloak and orange gloves, boots, and oversized belt.[26] Although accused of cowardice,[26] and indeed too scared to act in time when he first fought a Sentinel,[10] he proved his courage in combat[4] and simply would rather use his powers only to further the Club's interests or to protect himself.[1]


Orson Welles, bearded and overweight, served as inspiration for Leland's appearance.

In the cover of X-Men #132, Leland appears with white hair and beard.

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