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Quote1.png All I wanted was to have my family beside me. But you've turned them against me. Now vengeance is the only thing I'm interested in. I won't eat, I won't sleep, I won't stop until you've paid the price! Quote2.png
Harold Meachum


Harold Meachum was the father of Joy and Ward Meachum whose death had been faked by the Hand.[1]



Harold Meachum (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Iron Fist Season 1 13 001.jpg

Resurrection: Harold's contract with the Hand has granted him a form of life-after-death which has the effect of raising him from the dead within days of having died. The mortal injuries disease that claimed his life on at least two occasions were seemingly erased with each resurrection, and only decapitation or incineration were believed to be able to kill him permanently. Each time he came back his psychosis deepened a little further however, and he exhibited increasingly aggressive outbursts.


  • Death Threat: Harold was forced to conceal his existence from the world for more than a decade, allowing only a handful of servants to know he was actually alive. He had to keep his secret even from his own children or the Hand would have had them killed.
  • Psychosis: In the early days of his association with the Hand, Harold exhibited enough of a dark psychological bent to be complicit in the deaths of his business partner and business partner's family in order to protect his secrets. After his return he also developed a more overt murderous streak and had a tendency to fly into violent rages at even minor annoyances.

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