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Quote1 It's okay, Pete. This--this is how it's supposed to be. Quote2
Harry Osborn's last words[src]



This clone of Harry Osborn was created by an artificial intelligence created from the minds of Norman and Harry himself to replace its genetic template after his death. Mysterio hypnotized Norman to implant false memories to make him believe[7] he had hired the Master of Illusion to fake Harry's death and subsequently sent him to Europe for rehab.[8] Harry's clone possessed no memory of having been the Green Goblin, nor of Peter Parker's alter-ego. Once Harry returned to New York City from his purported years-long stay in Europe, he celebrated with a massive party and greeted his best friend, Peter Parker.[9] Harry became the owner of a chain of cafes based on his old college hangout, the Coffee Bean, and while he considered Peter his best friend he hated Spider-Man with a vengeance. He divorced from Liz Allan and began dating Lily Hollister, daughter of New York District Attorney Bill Hollister.[8]

During Norman's battle with Menace as the Green Goblin, he called out to Harry - who recognized his father's distorted voice and was horrified and disgusted that his father was a supervillain. Harry angrily confronted his father, who wanted Harry to follow in his legacy and become a greater man. The confused Harry was saved by Spider-Man, who wanted to beat Norman senseless but stopped when he saw a human testing area. Harry was thought to be the one responsible for the atrocious acts, although he attempted to plead innocent. Harry later stated that he wanted to talk to Peter - who moments earlier had been kissed by Lily, while leaving with a mysterious canister labeled "Prometheus X-90".[10]

Prometheus X-90 was developed as a successful cure for Mark Raxton's condition as Molten Man. Furthermore, the only human test subject was Charlie Weiderman, the short-lived second Molten Man, and the only person whom the serum could be tested on. After the cure was administered, Liz finally forgave Harry, and gave him back the wedding ring, which she originally claimed she lost.[11]


Renting out all of Liberty Island, Harry took Lily to the island. On top of the Statue of Liberty, he got down on one knee and appeared to propose to her. Lily however rejected Harry's proposal as she was not sure as to were their relationship would lead, which surprised Harry. Harry later went to Lily's place to check up on her, and as he entered the room he was surprised to discover Lily wearing what appeared to be clothes belonging to Menace.

She found a hidden door in his closet and found an old journal of his. She began giving him a hard time about whining so much about his father. Harry thought her behavior was because she was sick. She continued to tell him she uncovered one of Norman's secret rooms in the journal. This explained why she kissed Peter after the Thunderbolts attacked; he had almost found the secret trigger to open the room. When she had first gone in, she found all of the Green Goblin's equipment along with some experiments. Knocking over some chemicals, she absorbed them and was now able to transform at will. She explained that she discovered Menace's attacks against her father gave him more public support. She also told him that she accepted his marriage proposal. After their talk, Harry entered one of his father's weapons caches, taking a Glider, a pair of Green Goblin gloves, and a dart gun containing an unknown chemical. In the midst of a battle between Menace and Spider-man, he confronted and shot her with that chemical, which was a type of antidote that reverted her back to her human form. He saved Spider-Man from the crowd and left. Lily was imprisoned but escaped later leaving Harry's ring and a note. This caused Harry to sink into alcoholism, but he was eventually saved by Carlie Cooper.[citation needed]

Dark Reign[]

Following the events of the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn being placed in charge of the H.A.M.M.E.R. organization, and forming his own team of Avengers, Harry Osborn was approached with the offer of a job within his father's organization. Harry declined, but after getting a visit from a pregnant Lily Hollister, he accepted.[12]

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 599 Textless

American Son with Iron Patriot.

Norman welcomed him into Avengers Tower, wanting to make his son part of the "American Son" project. However, Harry was shown to have an ulterior motive, based on his need to protect Lily and their child (his second child), disabling the camera in his room and sneaking off.[13] He found a cure for Lily's Goblin Serum that would be safe for her and the baby, but she pushed him away, revealing that it was all a ruse to make Harry into American Son, whom Norman would eventually have die in a tragedy to increase sympathy for Norman and the Dark Avengers. She also revealed that the baby was not Harry's but in fact Norman's. In retaliation to this news, Harry donned the American Son armor and fought against his father, sparing Spider-Man from his father.[14]

During the battle, Norman declared that Harry was no longer his son, and that he had bred a better child to replace the failure Harry. After further taunts from Norman, Harry lashed out and defeated his father, declaring "I was never your son!" When Harry had the option to kill Norman, Spider-Man goaded him to decapitate Norman, as his healing factor may repair a blow to the head. Spider-Man stated that by killing Norman, he would "become the son Norman always wanted." Harry backed down, and walked away from his father forever. Harry is then seen in a psychiatrist's office, claiming he is getting over the effects of a medical treatment he received. The doctor offered to prescribe him oxycodone, a nod to Harry's past drug abuse, but it is unknown if Harry took the prescription.[15]

Afterwards, he moved out of his penthouse apartment, and stayed in Peter Parker's old room at Aunt May's.[16] He was also secretly dating Amy Brehe.[17] After Aunt May was corrupted by Mister Negative, Harry was forced to move out again and moved in with Mary Jane Watson.[citation needed]

Heroic Age[]

After Norman Osborn's fall, the American Son armor was stolen by someone authorities believed to be Harry Osborn, but had no true link to peg him to it other than the fact that the suit could only be used by someone of Osborn lineage. He was later visited by Gabriel Stacy, shooting Harry in anger for believing that their father gave him a better life.[18]

After looking through one of Norman's journals; which explained many things that were kept secret including Gabriel's birth, Harry created a new American Son armor for himself (based on spare Iron Patriot and American Son armors). Harry then sought help from Front Line reporter Norah Winters, as he believed Gabriel to be incredibly unstable and planning to kill their father on the Raft. It was discovered that Gabriel was committing crimes while the American Son persona undid the damage Gabriel had caused, who identified itself as the part of Gabriel that recognized that what he was doing was wrong. Norman later revealed to Harry that when he perfected the American Son formula, he had removed any traces of the Goblin serum and injected the American Son formula in Gabriel and his sister; while it cured them both of the severe side-effects of the Goblin Serum, it left Gabriel more unstable and initially caused his other persona to emerge.

Later, after kidnapping Norah and luring Harry to a vacant warehouse, Gabriel made another attempt on Harry's life. Harry managed to get into the warehouse and began to fight Gabriel, while attempting to convince him that Norman was nothing but pure evil. Gabriel ignored him and continued to attack his brother, only for Harry to deactivate the American Son armor via remote. Gabriel and Harry were then caught in an ensuing blaze as a result of the fight, but were saved by Spider-Man. Gabriel was then seen in a psychiatric hospital. Afterward, Norah visited Harry in his coffee shop, and noticed a bottle of oxycodone in Harry's things. Troubled by what she found, Norah concluded that Harry had a drug problem and resolved to help him through it.[19]

Origin of Species[]

Carlie Cooper and Peter Parker meet Harry and MJ at the Coffee Bean when all of a sudden Lily Hollister bursts through the wall, followed by an attacking team of super-villains. MJ and Harry try to help when Lily gone into labor, but they were interrupted by Doc Ock. Spider-Man saved them both and Lily's son and examined the baby's DNA to find it very similar to Harry's. Harry was inspired by Spider-Man to raise the baby and start a new life as a father. He named his son Stanley Osborn. On Halloween night, Harry was preparing to move out with his second child and met ex-convict Vincent "Vin" Gonzales, who revealed that he considered Norman a deity, saying that one day, he would take the baby. After Vin showed them his Goblin tattoo, Harry attacked with a taser and violently beat him up.[20]

Harry Lyman[]

In an attempt to escape from his life, Harry moved to Seattle, Washington with Stanley, having shaved his head and grown a beard to change appearance.[21] Not long after that, he returned to New York City and revived his friendship with Peter Parker, becoming the chief of the NY branch of his company, Parker Industries. Harry also legally changed his name to distance himself from his infamous father, taking his mother's maiden name, Lyman.[1]

Harold Osborn (Clone) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 3 001

Harry Lyman

While Manhattan was encased in a Darkforce dome during Hydra's short-lived empire, Harry rekindled his relationship with Liz.[22] Shortly afterwards, Harry quit from Parker Industries during the company's dissolution process.[23] He quickly moved Alchemax, and became the company's head of acquisitions.[24] Not long afterwards, Norman returned to threaten his family after bonding to the Carnage Symbiote and becoming the Red Goblin. In the process of escaping from Osborn, Stanley's nanny Emma revealed herself to be in reality Harry's own mother, Emily, who didn't die but actually left Norman and had returned to keep an eye on her family in secret.[25] After Norman infected Normie with the Carnage Symbiote and attempted to take over Alchemax, Harry confronted his father in battle. Even though he couldn't stop him, he managed to make Normie snap out of his grandfather's control. Following the Red Goblin's defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, Harry decided to reclaim his old surname, believing that he had earned it after standing up against his father.[3] However, Harry began stockpiling Goblin gear in a hidden room, leading Normie to suspect he was plotting a comeback as the Green Goblin.[26]

Kindred and Death[]

Sarah and Gabriel Stacy, test-tube babies the original Harry had created as part of a complex revenge-scheme against Peter and Norman, were driven insane by their repeated deaths, being tortured in Hell, and resurrected by being cloned by the Osborn AI.[27] Sustained and empowered by Mephisto, the twins took the alias of Kindred;[28] disguising themselves as Harry using Chameleon Serum to further torture Norman and Peter.[7] Secluding themselves in the Osborn family cemetery, the Kindreds began plotting against Peter and Norman, consumed by the belief that they had to repent for their sins and the misery they had brought on their loved ones.[6] As part of their scheme, the Kindreds attracted the cloned Harry to the Parisian Osborn Manor and sealed him away in a hidden prison cell.[29] Months later, Kindred confined Carlie there as well for discovering the original Harry's corpse among the bodies Kindred had unearthed to throw a "dinner party" for Peter, prompting the cloned Harry to recount his locating the Kindreds in Paris to her.[30][31][29]

Peter Parker (Earth-616) and Harold Osborn (Clone) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 74 001


While Kindred finally confronted Spider-Man, the cell confining the cloned Harry and Carlie opened, allowing them to escape down a dark hallway. The two were made to come upon Carlie's morgue and were confronted with Harry's corpse.[32] Realizing himself to be a clone, Harry decided he needed to face down his family, and returned home to retrieve his Goblin Glider and Pumpkin Bombs before he raced off to help Peter. He arrived just in time to save Peter from the Kindreds, but was overpowered by their demonic abilities yet still able to reveal the truth about the Kindreds to Peter. When Norman ultimately stood up and confirmed this truth, Peter and Harry stepped in to save him from their ire. But Gabriel's attack meant for Norman pierced a defending Harry, who died a hero once again in Peter's arms. Owing to a wager between Mephisto and Doctor Strange over whether the Kindreds would succeed in breaking Peter's spirit, the Kindreds were killed and the original Harry Osborn's soul was freed from Hell.[33]






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