Little is known about Harry Osborn's past, other than that his mother Emily died when he was 15 years old of a rare genetic disease and that he was very close friends with Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson all throughout their collective childhoods. He used to have them over to his father's expansive penthouse atop the Oscorp Tower, though he always viewed his own life as excessively extravagant and actually preferred watching movies at Peter and MJ's smaller houses. As he grew up, Harry had the idea of commissioning several environmental research and protection labs to place atop buildings in New York City which would carry on his mother's legacy of environmental welfare studies.

At some point in time, presumably toward the end of high school or beginning of college, Harry became ill with the same genetic disease his mother had had. It began to slowly kill him and, despite his searching, he could not find a cure to his ailment. Fearing losing someone again to the disease, his father began again to research on a unstable serum known as GR-27, believing it could serve as the universal cure to genetic illnesses. The same serum was tested on a young Martin Li decades before, when Emily was afflicted by the same illness, but the serum proved to have disastrous consequences; The injection granted Martin volatile powers which led him to accidentally kill his own parents. The serum had a different but equally adverse effect on other individuals as well: it caused them to become severely ill with a viral infection which caused symptoms ranging from a bad cold to hemorrhaging, and ultimately killed the infected victim.

Left with no other option, Harry wrote some final memoirs detailing his illness in case he passed away from it like his mother had, addressing a final letter to Peter and MJ telling them that he was not, in fact, going to be in Europe searching for a cure as his father planned to tell the world, but that his father would be placing him in stasis and continuing his research on the disease until he could find a cure. MJ later discovered this letter in Harry's journal and relayed it to Peter, though it was unknown to either where Harry was being kept in stasis.

Harold Osborn and Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-1048) from Spider-Man (video game) 001

Bonded with the substance.

Harry was suspended in a green tank with an oxygen line and several strands of a black, web-like substance. When Norman once visited him, the black substance reacted to Norman placing his hand on the tank, reaching out to try and interact with him.[1]


  • Rare genetic disease which is slowly killing him; he is placed in stasis to slow its progression while his father searches for a cure.

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