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Son of Oscorp Industries' CEO Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn befriended Peter Parker while attending Midtown High. They parted ways when Harry was accepted into Horizon High, but they remained friends.[2]

After a catastrophe led to Harry getting suspended from Horizon High,[3] his father created a new school, so his son wouldn't be publicly shamed.[4]

Harry Osborn was seen riding a prototype Goblin Gilder he created that was gonna reveal at the Stark Expo.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Genius Level Intelligence: Harry was intelligent enough to get accepted into Horizon High. He even constructed his own set of bombs, a prototype Goblin Glider, and other equipment.



Goblin Glider


  • Harry initially believed that Spider-Man was responsible for the incident that got him suspended, even though it was Spencer Smythe's fault.
    • He was also even less aware that his own father ordered Smythe to frame him, until Norman was unmasked for framing him with the Hobgoblin suit.
  • Harry's initial hatred of Spider-Man yet friendship with Peter Parker mirrors his film counterpart.
  • Harry has black hair, in contrast to other versions who have either red or brown hair.
  • Harry Osborn is voiced by Max Mittelman.

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