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Quote1.png It doesn't matter who I was Pete. It matters what I've become. All your ghosts live on through me. For all you know, I could be sitting right in front of you Quote2.png


Early Life

Harold "Harry" Osborn was the son of wealthy industrialist Norman Osborn. When he was still a child, Harry had his soul bargained by his father with the demon Mephisto in exchange for making his financial life more successful. With the deal closed as a result of this bargain, Harry was destined to suffer numerous personal tragedies when he reached adulthood, and when he died, he would have his soul sent to Hell.[10]

Teenage Years and Adulthood

He grew up friends with Gwen Stacy at Standard High before going off to college.[12][13] The two of them quickly befriended Flash Thompson when they arrived at Empire State University, but also adopted Flash's disdain for the reclusively scholarship student, Peter Parker, initially taking Peter's distant behavior as snobbery. However, he soon realized Peter was merely shy and distracted by his aunt May Parker's health problems.[14]

Harold Osborn (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 74 0001.jpg

Harry's relationship with his father was always strained, and it became worse when (unknown to Harry) his father became the super-villain known as the Green Goblin. Ironically, Harry and Peter Parker became closer as Peter consoled Harry over his father's distance, when Peter as Spider-Man was regularly fighting Norman as the Green Goblin.[15] When Parker and Osborn learned each other's identities, Norman suffered amnesia after the fight, and Peter hid the Goblin costume for Harry's sake. He circulated a story that Norman Osborn was injured helping Spider-Man defeat the Green Goblin once and for all. Parker came to the hospital afterwards to check on Norman and make sure his amnesia held up. Harry misinterpreted this gesture as a sign of friendship, and things permanently thawed between Harry and Peter.[16][17]

Harry and Peter became friends and started rooming together near campus. They began regularly seeing Gwen and Mary Jane Watson in group settings and on double dates, with Peter & Gwen and Harry & MJ slowly becoming exclusive.[18] Harry's relationship with Mary Jane didn't sail smoothly, though. His relationship with his father began to degenerate again as Norman's memory returned, and Harry's trouble with pill addiction was too much for Mary Jane. She couldn't bring herself to stand by him as he was eventually hospitalized on an overdose.[19] They reconciled when he got out, but only on the surface. When his father died in action as the Green Goblin after killing Gwen Stacy, Harry found the body and removed the costume. He refused to attend Gwen's funeral and chased away Mary Jane as he began to obsess over Spider-Man.[20]

Green Goblin

After learning that Peter was Spider-Man, he donned his father's costume and proclaimed himself the Green Goblin. He destroyed their apartment,[6] and kidnapped their friends Mary Jane and Flash, and Peter's aunt May. When he was defeated by Spider-Man, he told everyone that Peter was really Spider-Man before being taken away, but this was dismissed as the ravings of a madman.[21] He was taken to a medical institution and was released, suffering from amnesia, forgetting Spider-Man's identity and both his and his father's roles as the Green Goblin.[22]

Harold Osborn (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 136 001.jpg

After being released and re-entering college, Harry moved in with Flash.[23] He began seeing psychiatrist Barton "Bart" Hamilton but the psychiatrist tied him up and became himself the third Green Goblin.[24]

Harry later married Elizabeth "Liz" Allan after they met at Edward "Ned" Leeds's and Elizabeth "Betty" Brant's wedding.[25] Harry and Liz had their son Norman Harold "Normie" Osborn.

This tranquility was shattered when the aftereffects of the Inferno crisis sundered the barrier between Harry's conscious and subconscious minds. Once again, he remembered being the Green Goblin - and his irrational hatred of Spider-Man. Harry had convinced himself that Peter resented the Osborns' "stable family life" due to never having been wanted by his own parents or guardians, when in fact the complete opposite was true. His sanity was shattered, he declared that their next confrontation would be their final one, and only one of them would be alive at the end.[26] To ensure that he was the victor, Harry researched his father's chemical notes, hoping to recreate the original formula that granted Green Goblin's superhuman strength. Harry made his own modifications to the formula, and upon ingesting it, it proved better than he had dreamed. The formula had made him stronger than his father. Now a physical match for Spider-Man,[27] Harry planned his final revenge.[28]


As the second Green Goblin, Harry Osborn took to stalking Peter Parker on his Goblin Glider, claiming that there was no law against just soaring around town in a colorful costume, and taunting Peter that someday he would destroy him, but he relished keeping Peter in suspense in the meantime. After weeks of this, Peter finally lost his nerve and struck at Harry, only to be sent flying when Harry hit back, demonstrating his new strength. Harry rocketed away, taunting Spider-Man's inability to stop him.[27]

Not long after, Harry announced an upcoming prestigious dinner at his townhouse, inviting many of his father's old business associates. However, it was actually a trap, and Harry had planted explosives throughout the townhouse, which he planned to detonate, thus destroying everybody who had slighted the Osborns.[27]

Spider-Man, worrying the most, dropped in to investigate, only to be confronted by the Green Goblin. The two former friends engaged in a dangerous battle, which ended when Harry injected Peter with a drug that left him immobile, but still alive. However, even as he celebrated over his victory, he realized that Mary Jane Watson and Normie Osborn were also in the townhouse, and that the explosives would detonate in thirty seconds. Despite protestations that he was not a hero, Peter convinced Harry to use his damaged Glider to get the two to safety. After rescuing his son and Mary Jane, Harry finally returned to his senses and realized that he had left Peter to die. Harry rescued Peter from the explosion just in time. However, as his friends thanked him, he suddenly collapsed. The Goblin Formula was damaged by the explosion, and while it had increased his strength, it was also lethally poisoning him. Paramedics were called, but Harry died en route to the hospital. With his final words, he apologized to Peter, and confirmed that despite everything, they were still, and would always be, best friends.[27]

Before his death, Harry created an artificial intelligence copied from his and his father's minds in order to carry on their legacy,[29] and persuaded the Chameleon to create two robots who would appear to be Peter Parker's dead parents in an effort to get Peter to tell them who Spider-Man really was. Harry already knew Spider-Man's identity but wanted to mess with Peter's head so he convinced Chameleon that Parker, due to all the photos he had taken, was sure to know Spider-Man's identity. When Spider-Man discovered the fraud,[30] he went briefly insane over the disappointment of losing his parents again.[31] Harry also made an arrangement with Mendel Stromm to create a pair of test-tube babies from Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy's DNA, though the twins - Sarah and Gabriel Stacy - suffered from accelerated aging and clone degeneration, leading to Harry and the Osborn A.I. working to perfect the cloning process over numerous iterations. To further torment Peter, Harry also hired Mysterio to implant false memories of Gwen Stacy having had an affair with Norman while in Europe and giving birth to the twins in his father and Mary Jane Watson.[32]


Unwilling to accept his son's death, Norman had a clone of Harry created and concocted the cover story that the Goblin formula that had saved his life after being impaled by his own Goblin Glider had also saved Harry life by giving him the same abilities;[32] and that he had paid Mysterio to fake Harry's death and sent his son to Europe for rehab.[33] Divorced from Liz Allan, Harry returned from a years-long stay in a Europe with no memory of having been the Green Goblin, nor of Peter Parker's alter-ego. Harry was now the owner of a chain of cafes based on his old college hangout, the Coffee Bean and, while he considered Peter his best friend, he hated Spider-Man with a vengeance. He was dating Lily Hollister, daughter of New York District Attorney Bill Hollister.[33]

Menace battled Norman and was infuriated by Norman stating that all he cared about was killing Spider-Man. Norman called Harry who recognized from Norman's distorted voice that Norman the he was wearing the Green Goblin suit, which horrified and disgusted Harry. Harry angrily confronted his father who wanted Harry to follow in his legacy and become a greater man. The confused Harry was saved by Spider-Man. Spider-Man, wanting to beat Norman senseless, stopped when he saw an area of Human Testing. Harry was thought to be the one responsible for the atrocious acts although he attempted to plead innocent. Harry later stated that he wanted to talk to Peter who moments earlier had been kissed by Lily, while leaving with a mysterious canister labeled "Prometheus X-90".[34]

Prometheus X-90 was developed as a successful cure for Mark Raxton's condition as Molten Man. Furthermore, the only human test subject was Charlie Weiderman, the short-lived second Molten Man, and the only person whom the serum could be tested on. After the cure was administered, Liz finally forgave Harry, and gave him back the wedding ring, which she originally claimed she lost.[35]


Renting out all of Liberty Island, Harry took Lily to the island. On top of the Statue of Liberty, he got down on one knee and appeared to propose to her. Lily however rejected Harry's proposal as she was not sure as to were their relationship would lead, which surprised Harry. Harry later went to Lily's place to check up on her, and as he entered the room he was surprised to discover Lily wearing what appeared to be clothes belonging to Menace.

She found a hidden door in his closet and found an old journal of his. She began giving him a hard time about whining so much about his father. Harry thought her behavior was because she was sick. She continued to tell him she uncovered one of Norman's secret rooms in the journal. This explained why she kissed Peter after the Thunderbolts attacked; he had almost found the secret trigger to open the room. When she had first gone in, she found all of the Green Goblin's equipment along with some experiments. Knocking over some chemicals, she absorbed them and was now able to transform at will. She explained that she discovered Menace's attacks against her father gave him more public support. She also told him that she accepted his marriage proposal. After their talk, Harry entered one of his father's weapons caches, taking a Glider, a pair of Green Goblin gloves, and a dart gun containing an unknown chemical. In the midst of a battle between Menace and Spider-man, he confronted and shot her with that chemical, which was a type of antidote that reverted her back to her human form. He saved Spider-Man from the crowd and left. Lily was imprisoned but escaped later leaving Harry's ring and a note. This caused Harry to sink into alcoholism, but he was eventually saved by Carlie Cooper.

Dark Reign

Following the events of the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn being placed in charge of the H.A.M.M.E.R. organization, and forming his own team of Avengers, Harry Osborn is approached with the offer of a job within his father's organization. Harry declines, but after getting a visit from a pregnant Lily Hollister, he accepts.[36]

American Son with Iron Patriot.

Norman welcomes him into Avengers Tower, wanting to make his son part of the "American Son" project. However, Harry is shown to have an ulterior motive, based on his need to protect Lily and their child (his second child), disabling the camera in his room and sneaking off.[37] He found a cure for Lily's Goblin Serum that would be safe for her and the baby, but she pushes him away, revealing that it was all a ruse to make Harry into American Son, whom Norman would eventually have die in a tragedy to increase sympathy for Norman and the Dark Avengers. She also revealed that the baby was not Harry's but in fact Norman's. In retaliation to this news, Harry donned the American Son armor and fought against his father, sparing Spider-Man from his father.[38]

During the battle, Norman declared that Harry was no longer his son, and that he had bred a better child to replace the failure Harry. After further taunts from Norman, Harry lashed out and defeated his father, declaring "I was never your son!" When Harry had the option to kill Norman, Spider-Man goaded him to decapitate Norman, as his healing factor may repair a blow to the head. Spider-Man stated that by killing Norman, he would "become the son Norman always wanted." Harry backed down, and walked away from his father forever. Harry is then seen in a psychiatrist's office, claiming he is getting over the effects of a medical treatment he received. The doctor offered to prescribe him oxycodone, a nod to Harry's past drug abuse, but it is unknown if Harry took the prescription.[39]

Afterwards, he moved out of his penthouse apartment, and stayed in Peter Parker's old room at Aunt May's.[40] He was also secretly dating Amy Brehe.[41] After Aunt May was corrupted by Mister Negative, Harry was forced to move out again and moved in with Mary Jane Watson.

Heroic Age

After Norman Osborn's fall, the American Son armor was stolen by someone authorities believed to be Harry Osborn, but had no true link to peg him to it other than the fact that the suit could only be used by someone of Osborn lineage. He was later visited by Gabriel Stacy, shooting Harry in anger for believing that their father gave him a better life.[42]

After looking through one of Norman's journals; which explained many things that were kept secret including Gabriel's birth, Harry created a new American Son armor for himself (based on spare Iron Patriot and American Son armors). Harry then sought help from Front Line reporter Norah Winters, as he believed Gabriel to be incredibly unstable and planning to kill their father on the Raft. It was discovered that Gabriel was committing crimes while the American Son persona undid the damage Gabriel had caused, who identified itself as the part of Gabriel that recognized that what he was doing was wrong. Norman later revealed to Harry that when he perfected the American Son formula, he had removed any traces of the Goblin serum and injected the American Son formula in Gabriel and his sister; while it cured them both of the severe side-effects of the Goblin Serum, it left Gabriel more unstable and initially caused his other persona to emerge.

Later, after kidnapping Norah and luring Harry to a vacant warehouse, Gabriel made another attempt on Harry's life. Harry managed to get into the warehouse and began to fight Gabriel, while attempting to convince him that Norman was nothing but pure evil. Gabriel ignored him and continued to attack his brother, only for Harry to deactivate the American Son armor via remote. Gabriel and Harry were then caught in an ensuing blaze as a result of the fight, but were saved by Spider-Man. Gabriel was then seen in a psychiatric hospital. Afterward, Norah visited Harry in his coffee shop, and noticed a bottle of oxycodone in Harry's things. Troubled by what she found, Norah concluded that Harry had a drug problem and resolved to help him through it.[43]

Origin of Species

Carlie Cooper and Peter Parker meet Harry and MJ at the Coffee Bean when all of a sudden Lily Hollister bursts through the wall, followed by an attacking team of super-villains. MJ and Harry try to help when Lily gone into labor, but they were interrupted by Doc Ock. Spider-Man saved them both and Lily's son and examined the baby's DNA to find it very similar to Harry's. Harry was inspired by Spider-Man to raise the baby and start a new life as a father. He named his son Stanley Osborn. On Halloween night, Harry was preparing to move out with his second child and met ex-convict Vincent "Vin" Gonzales, who revealed that he considered Norman a deity, saying that one day, he would take the baby. After Vin showed them his Goblin tattoo, Harry attacked with a taser and violently beat him up.[44]

Harry Lyman

In an attempt to escape from his life, Harry moved to Seattle, Washington with Stanley, having shaved his head and grown a beard to change appearance.[45] Not long after that, he returned to New York City and revived his friendship with Peter Parker, becoming the chief of the NY branch of his company, Parker Industries. Harry also legally changed his name to distance himself from his infamous father, taking his mother's maiden name, Lyman.[1]

Harry Lyman, CFO with Parker Industries.

While Manhattan was encased in a Darkforce dome during Hydra's short-lived empire, Harry rekindled his relationship with Liz.[46] Shortly afterwards, Harry quit from Parker Industries during the company's dissolution process.[47] He quickly moved Alchemax, and became the company's head of acquisitions.[48] Not long afterwards, Norman returned to threaten his family after bonding to the Carnage Symbiote and becoming the Red Goblin. In the process of escaping from Osborn, Stanley's nanny Emma revealed herself to be in reality Harry's own mother, Emily, who didn't die but actually left Norman and had returned to keep an eye on her family in secret.[49] After Norman infected Normie with the Carnage Symbiote and attempted to take over Alchemax, Harry confronted his father in battle. Even though he couldn't stop him, he managed to make Normie snap out of his grandfather's control. Following the Red Goblin's defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, Harry decided to reclaim his old surname, believing that he had earned it after standing up against his father.[3]


The demonic Harry incarnated by possessing the bodies of Sarah and Gabriel Stacy,[32] and took the alias of Kindred.[4] Secluding himself in the Osborn family cemetery, Harry began plotting against Peter and Norman, consumed by the belief that they had to repent for their sins and the misery they had brought on their loved ones.[9] Slowly pulling the strings of Peter's life, Kindred only presented himself to Peter in nebulous nightmares to further his torment, leaving him with the uneasy sensation that somebody was lurking.[50][51] As part of his schemes, Kindred allied with the reactivated Osborn A.I. to produce more clones of Gabriel and Sarah,[32] facilitated Mendel Stromm's attempt to resurface as a threat,[52] and employed Mysterio, whom he had previously tortured while in Hell,[53] to force Peter and Mary Jane apart by introducing her a job offer that made her temporarily move to the West Coast.[54] Another issue was to deal with the other Harry Osborn, confronting him in Paris and sealing him away in a hidden prison cell.[55]

Unmasking himself to Peter

Harry eventually decided to confront Peter directly, setting the stage by resurrecting the vigilante Sin-Eater,[56] and giving him the supernatural ability to cleanse the wickedness of any criminals he punished.[57] One of the Sin-Eater's targets was the restored Norman Osborn, newly made director of the Ravencroft Institute.[58] As Spider-Man, Peter initially saved Norman before leaving him at the mercy of the Sin-Eater.[59] Once the Sin-Eater purged Norman, Kindred expunged the collected sins he had collected and used them to possess and corrupt a group of Spider-Man's allies, the Order of the Web, who attacked Spider-Man viciously before setting off to wreak havoc in Manhattan.[4]

Spider-Man sought out Doctor Strange, and later used an artifact of his to track down Kindred.[60] Harry overpowered Spider-Man and took him to the Order, getting Peter to plead for their lives in exchange for his own. After freeing the Order from his control, Kindred killed Spider-Man.[61] Kindred proceeded to resurrect Peter and reveal his true identity,[62] brutally murdering and resurrecting him several times after as part of his torment to get Peter to repent for his alleged sins.[9] The confrontation was interrupted by Mary Jane, sent by the repentant Norman to reach out to Harry.[63] Their encounter was further intercepted by Kingpin and Norman, who had devised a way to encase Kindred in a Darkforce cage. While being immobilized by the trap, Harry warned Norman and Peter that they were going to be left trying to unravel the truth that he wanted them to repent for. Kindred was then transported to the Ravencroft Institute, and remained unresponsive despite Norman's pleas to make amends with him.[64]

Despite being imprisoned, Kindred was still able to act through his centipede offshoots, attacking Carlie Cooper when she uncovered the identity of an additional corpse recovered from his "dinner party": the corpse of Harry Osborn.[65][55] Yet with the revelation of Kindred's identity as Harry, Peter was confused as to how the demon could be the same person as the redeemed Harry he had been friends with for years. Eventually, Peter informed Liz of her husband's relapse into villainy, though in disbelief until Normie revealed Harry's 'secret' stockpiled arsenal of Goblin equipment, cementing the claim. However, Peter was also confused as to why Harry would do so if he had demonic powers.[66]

Kindred's prisoner: Harry Osborn

In confinement, Harry remained uncommunicative and unresponsive to Norman's attempts to rediscover his son's humanity. Quietly relishing his father's futile efforts and Spider-Man's struggles against Fisk's schemes, he would be mystically interrogated by Baron Mordo under Fisk's employ. Still using centipede minions to observe the outside world, he had one minion intercept the perplexed Doctor Octopus at a cemetery, and plotting the next phase of his master plan.[67]

Once Fisk ordered Mordo to interrogate him for information, Harry feigned desperation to his father for him to stop it. Knowing Fisk would get what he wanted soon enough, Harry played on Norman's hope for his son's rescue, to which Norman released The Spot to reabsorb the Darkforce containment, freeing Harry in exchange for his own freedom. Once alone with his father, he throttled him around the room with a centipede, insulting him for his paternal care. During his imprisonment, Kindred had confined Carlie in a dark cell in an undisclosed location alongside the other Harry Osborn, captured months earlier and imprisoned. Kindred visited Dmitri Smerdyakov in his cell demanding his Chameleon serum, while the human Harry Osborn recounts his locating Kindred in Paris to Carlie.[68][69][55]

Leaving a clue for Norman when he would later awaken, Kindred proceeded to "guide" a confused Doctor Octopus, having him reacquaint with old friends, locating the lonely Sandman, then having Doc Ock successfully resurrected a re-powered Electro, then tracking Kraven the Hunter, before finishing his reformed team with the Lizard. Once Mysterio explained to Mary Jane his years of psychologically manipulating her since Harry's original death,[27] the illusionist left to join the reformed original Sinister Six, leaving Mary Jane alone in a movie theater for Kindred to then greet her. As events unfolded in New York, the human Harry shared his crisis of faith to Carlie, and their cell was opened to allow escape down a dark hallway. Finding and breaking through a crack, the two come upon Carlie's morgue and are confronted with Harry's corpse, to which the human Harry deduces the meaning of coupled with his fragmented memories, prompting him to confess to Carlie that he always knew he was never the real Harry and makes him venture into the catacombs alone to face his ultimate fate.[70][71][72][32]

After Norman found the clue and followed, he discovered the Osborn A.I., who revealed that Harry had hired Mysterio and Mendel Stromm before dying to implant false memories in Norman and Mary Jane over time to build a false narrative around Sarah and Gabriel whilst growing and revising the cloning technology creating them overtime. After Sarah and Gabe found Peter while seeking Norman, the process was perfected some years later and Harry possessed their genetically stable bodys, purchasing Chameleon's shapeshifting serum to maintain the image of Harry Osborn. Enacting his final revenge as Kindred, he planted centipedes in the brains of various villains from past Sinister Six rosters, bartering one of them kill Spider-Man to be spared damnation as his lieutenant. But as the nearly 40 villains approached victory, Doc Ock created a device which killed all his centipedes and freed everyone while stunning them, saving Spider-Man as revenge for Kindred reneging on his deal. Concurrent to Norman's discovery and Spider-Man's rescue, Kindred explained the same full story to Mary Jane, aiming to have her face her sins as well.[73][74]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[93]
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Demon Physiology: As Kindred, Harry was the form of a demon primarily associated with centipedes, gnats, and other forms of insects which associate with the grave. To which he can spawn at will anywhere along with other pestilence, in the presence of whomever holds his attention: such as the case of Quentin Beck, having revealed his true name to his psychiatrist.[75]

  • Resurrection: Kindred can resurrect people, as he did with Mysterio,[76] Sin-Eater,[56] and Spider-Man several times.[9]
  • Entomancy: Kindred can remotely control bugs and pests, such as when he sent a centipede to enter the head of Norman Osborn while at Ravencroft.[77] In other instances, centipedes are used as 'bugs' (fly-on-the-wall monitor or surveillance tool).[75]
  • Dream Projection: Kindred is able to manipulate the dreams of people, making them dream about events that were happening while they were sleeping, and directly talk to them through their dreams.[78]
  • Teleportation: Kindred is seemingly able to teleport or project his presence wherever he wishes.[79] He was even able to free Mac Gargan from his imprisonment on another Earth.
  • Possession: Kindred is able to take possession of individuals.[4]
  • Empowerment: Kindred greatly empowered the Sin-Eater for his quest.[80]
  • Superhuman Strength: As a demon, Kindred has been shown to be superhumanly strong, easily defeating Spider-Man during their first encounter.[61]
  • Invulnerability: Kindred is shown to be invulnerable, as Spider-Man punched through his chest and shot web through his face, neither of which did anything to slow him down.[61][63]


  • Genius Intelligence: Harry's intelligence is enhanced to an unknown level because of the Goblin serum. A mixture of Goblin serum and super-soldier serum was made to make him the American Son.[83] His intellect is so high,[84] it surpasses even that of his own father and Spider-Man.[85][82]
  • Demonic Awareness: By way of his servants and those under his gaze, such as Mysterio and Peter Parker, Kindred is able keep apprised of their actions. One such instance was when Mysterio said his name during therapy.[4][53]
  • Master Manipulator: Shown to patiently be wearing down Spider-Man's psyche during events with Kraven's hunt, Mary Jane's career return, and Sin-Eater's campaign.[75][86][59]

Physical Strength

  • Class 10: Harry can lift 10 tons and has fought Spider-Man to a draw.[81]




As Kindred, Harry can summoned pestilence, such as centipedes, rats, worms, roaches, and other small critters to demolish people,[87] structures, and foundations.[79] These could spawn from anywhere, including from the inside of a person's body.[53] He also used the two large centipedes that cling to him like tentacle extensions of his body, such as for opening doors, caressing surfaces, or for bludgeoning heads.[86]



  • In Marvel Ultimate Comics: Absolute Carnage Harry was voiced by Lee Majdoub.
  • Although Harry's identity as Kindred is a secret, it was originally known to Norman before he told Wilson Fisk, then Ashley Kafka and Mary Jane Watson. After the events of his dinner party, the Order of the Web and Spider-Man learned his true identity.[64]
  • It is unclear if the NYPD and the Ravencroft staff are aware of Harry's identity as Kindred.[88]


  • During the Clone Saga, Harry Osborn was originally going to be revealed as the mastermind behind Spider-Man's misfortunes. When Bob Harras became Editor-in-Chief before this storyline could reach its conclusion, he rejected the idea. A new villain introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #412 called Gaunt was going to be Harry Osborn's new alter-ego. It was intended to be revealed that Harry hadn't died in Spectacular Spider-Man #200, but instead the Goblin Formula had caused his body to start to weaken and wither away, so he was forced to use a special suit to stay alive. The identity of Gaunt was eventually given to Mendel Stromm.[89]
  • Harry and Gwen Stacy first met and became friends on Mother's Day.[90]
  • Harry's preparation to fight Spider-Man as Kindred was compared to pro wrestler Ric Flair using his "Black Scorpion" persona to ruin the career of his rival, the Sting.[91]
  • Ryan Ottley's concept art for Harry as Kindred depicts him with hair coming out of his bandages and armed with barbed wires which seems to function as Spider-Man's webbing.[92]

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