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Harold Osborn was the childhood friend of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy and the only child of multibillionaire CEO of Oscorp, Norman Osborn. Spending much of his youth as a social outcast and delinquent, Harry had a hard time adjusting to his new school as rumors spread that he had tried to burn down his previous prep school, while Flash Thompson and others bullied Harry and nicknamed him the "Green Goblin" due to him being wealthy and carrying role-playing dice. Gwen and Peter befriended him out of pity, but when Harry asked Gwen to go out to prom, this angered Peter. Harry later witnessed Peter turning into the Lizard and dying at the hands of Spider-Woman. At Peter's funeral, Harry felt guilty that he didn't help his best friend and disappeared from school for two years.[1]

Becoming the Green Goblin

During his absence, Harry had joined the military and later S.H.I.E.L.D., but went rogue and stole equipment such as glider drones, an armored suit, a perfected Lizard Serum, and bombs, in order to get revenge on Spider-Woman for Peter's death. He was reunited with Gwen and their friends at the cabin of Mary Jane's aunt and revealed to Gwen what he had done during his absence and his intent on killing down Spider-Woman. Harry later confronted and fought Spider-Woman, alongside his Hobgoblin androids, and took the Lizard serum in order to take down Spider-Woman as the creature that Peter had become. Harold gained the upper hand, but when Gwen revealed herself to Harry, he was unable to think properly and escaped. Harry later went to his father begging for help, but was rebuffed and left angry at his father's denouncement. During his escape, Harry was hunted in Madripoor by S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, Wolverine with Shadowcat, and the Hand ninjas, while he fully transformed into the Lizard. When a depowered Gwen put a substance, given by Matt Murdock, into Harry's body, this cured him from the serum, but then a mysterious substance emerged from his body.[2]

Back to Normal

Harry was later exonerated of his crimes and returned to life cured of the Lizard serum. He treated Gwen to lunch upon meeting her after her release from S.H.I.E.L.D. prison, wishing her well in her new lease on life.[3] Harry eventually decided to ask Gwen on a dinner date, which she accepted, but their dinner date was ruined due to negative responses by the diner patrons.[4]



Seemingly those of the Harold Osborn of Earth-616 and those of Curtis Connors.


Seemingly those of the Harold Osborn of Earth-616 and those of Curtis Connors.





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