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Harry shared a similar history to his Earth-96283 counterpart until one year after the death of his father which he still blames Spider-Man for. One day he was with his friends Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson at the Manhattan Museum of Art when Turbo Jet had came and stolen a priceless diamond. He had stolen it to get back at Oscorp for buying Villeroy Towers and kicking numerous people out of their homes. Harry was not happy with Oscorp's decision and wanted to help the people, but ended up turning them against him when he revealed at a protest that his company was behind the destruction of Villeroy Towers.[1]

Harry continuously tried to help Peter not be to oblivious to Mary Jane's obvious flirtatiousness.[2] He eventually moved into his dad's old office in Oscorp but was interrupted during the moving process by Dr. Curt Connors that had transformed himself into the Lizard and had sought vengeance against Oscorp for being involved in the loss of his arms. Luckily, Spider-Man came and saved him, causing Harry to re-evaluate his stance on the Wall-Crawler.[3]

When Mary Jane needed help breaking into the movie industry, Harry called up his producer friend Richard Damien who he said would help her on her first job. When Mary went to meet him, however, she found his severed head that had been cut by Shikata.[4]

Harry was bungee jumping off of a bridge when he met Cheyenne. They ended up going out for a bit before Harry finally told Peter and MJ. He invited Peter and MJ to a double date at his place with Cheyenne. They accepted but Peter was shocked to find out that Harry's new girlfriend was secretly the thief Talon. Harry got worried when she would leave all of a sudden, and this caused a rift between him and Peter. After Talon was shot by the NYPD, she left New York and broke up with Harry. Him and Peter later re-patched their friendship over a couple of donuts.[5]

While Mary Jane was struggling on how to tell Peter her true feelings for him, Harry was able to provide some advice that helped her find the right words. Later, the two saw that Empire 1 was being held hostage by Pterodax and that Peter was in there. As soon as they got there, the hostages were being freed and Peter walked out scratch free, unbeknownst to them that he suited up as Spider-Man to take down the former KGB terrorist.[6]

Harry continued being a loyal friend to Peter and MJ when the two of them asked him for relationship advice. When MJ wanted them to reveal something about themselves to each other, Harry gave Peter some advice but ultimately warned him, in a joking manner, to not do any soul-searching as it was not seen as a manly thing to do. Later, MJ revealed what Peter wrote to her and Harry was shocked how little effort he seemed to have put into it. Toward the end of their conversation, Harry reminded MJ of his personal anger toward Spider-Man and warned her not to go back to him, given his twisted past with him.[7]

Harry and MJ later invited Peter to a fraternity party being held by Douglas Reisman. Harry bet against MJ that Peter wouldn't show up to the party. When the two arrived at the party, they were attacked by a newly-created Electro. They were all soon saved by Spider-Man but not before they witnessed Electro murdering Douglas. Later, the trio went to Douglas's grave and said some parting words. Once Peter revealed that he had gone to the party after all, MJ had told Harry that she had won the bet, but Harry was skeptical since Peter said he came after the chaos happened.[8]

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