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Harry Osborn was the son of industrialist Norman Osborn, a friend and briefly roommate to Peter Parker.

Harry became attracted to Peter's girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, who had become tired of Peter neglecting her. Mary Jane subsequently left Peter for Harry. They became engaged, although she eventually called off their engagement realising she was in love with Peter.

When Norman was apparently killed in an explosion at Oscorp, the Green Goblin began kidnapping the Oscorp board members. Harry was initally suspect to be the Goblin, but it later turned out that his father had survived the explosion and was the Goblin himself.

When the Green Goblin became trapped in limbo, Harry began hallucinating his father trying to contact him. The visions of his father had him take the Green Goblin serum and exact revenge on Spider-Man, with the Green Goblin promising to allow Harry to see his presumed deceased father. However, Spider-Man defeated Harry and he was enrolled at Ravencroft Institute to receive treatment.

When Peter and Mary Jane were getting married, Harry discovered and his insanity broke out once again. He interrupted the wedding and threatened to destroy the church, trying to force Mary Jane to marry him instead of Peter. In the end, Liz Allan appeared to Harry, convincing him not to blow up the church nor marry Mary Jane. Told by Liz that he was loved, he walked away peacefully and the wedding resumed. This is the last episode Harry appears in as he never appeared again.

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Seemingly those of the Harold Osborn of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Harold Osborn of Earth-616.



See those of Harry Osborn of Earth-616.


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