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Harry Osborn received the newspaper from Spider-Man after his dad, Norman Osborn, tried to kill Peter. The next day he went to deliver flowers to Peter's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy and go on a date with her. However, Peter was then and so to avoid Peter from realizing, he paid his father's paper bill. After he told his father he paid Peter, Norman kidnapped Gwen in an attempt to reclaim his money. Harry donned his own Green Goblin costume and just as Spider-Man was about to rescue Gwen, Harry swooped in and saved him instead. During the fight, Norman had been knocked in the water, and Harry blamed Peter for his father's date and began dating Gwen.[1]

The next day, Harry and Norman teamed up to attack the paperboy, they assumed it was Spider-Man but their attitude changed when they discovered it was Eddie. They were happy to receive their paper from him, until they realized it had been destroyed during their attack and they blamed Eddie. They later attacked both Eddie and Peter when they teamed up to deliver the paper, but were overwhelmed and webbed up.[2]

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Seemingly those of Harold Osborn of Earth-616.

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