Harold Schmidt was an elderly scientist working on a shrinking formula. When local boy Jimmy Everett paid a visit to the scientist looking for something to do, he would show the boy his formula and then send him off to purchase tobacco. When Jimmy would return, Schmidt would have fallen asleep, and the unattended boy would ingest the formula, shrinking in size. After finally finding Jimmy, Schmidt would use the antidote to restore Jimmy to his normal size, and take the boy on as his assistant.[2]

Schmidt's subsequent activities remain unrevealed, however his own shrinking formula did not seem to gain much publicity or was overshadowed by Henry Pym's similar discovery in the modern age.


Harold Schmidt was a gifted scientist who had an expertise in chemistry. He had invented a formula (and subsequent antidote) that could allow an individual to shrink in to insect size and return to normal.

It is unknown if Schmidt's formula utilized the element that would later be commonly referred to as Pym Particles in order to induce size changing.

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