Harold Stanch has a past of murderer, having seemingly killed several women.[1]

He was one of the individuals experimented on by Weapon X Program Director Abraham Cornelius in order to make a better soldier than his previous creations like Wolverine. But after being saved by Logan before his death, Harold was taken into custody until another subject calling himself Sharp set him free.[2]

Harold Stanch (Earth-616) from Death of Wolverine The Weapon X Program Vol 1 1 0002

Harold at the Weapon X Compound

Harold joined Sharp along with the other test subjects as they fought their way through the compound. Upon reaching the roof, they encountered the villain Slayback but for some reason Sharp had the knowledge of who he was, which resulted in Slayback's death. Harold left on a helicopter with Sharp and the others.[2]


Hypercognitivity: Harold possesses the ability to instinctively or with little effort perform superhuman complex operations beyond the capability of a normal human mind. The sheer speed of his thoughts lead into augmenting his analytic ability so that he is able to make snap decisions about his surroundings and create complex scenarios at that same speed just by visual inspection. As such, Harold is able to track the probability of an event by piecing together that stored data.

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