Harpagus was once Feridun's vicar-priest in Yezud, city of the spider-god, till he was put in a state of amnesia. He awoke again in Arenjun, where he killed Sabo, who wanted his sacramental ring. He wanted revenge on Conan, and ordered Helliana to bring the Cimmerian to him.[1]

After the Cimmerian was eventually brought to him by Captain Finar, he was injected with a vial of lotus liquid and thrown down a pitfall to die in total darkness. Harpagus became known as Zath, reborn from arachnid ashes, intending to start a holy war across all Zamora and beyond, with loyal troops made from men addicted to the black lotus[2]

When the Cimmerian escaped and came back for revenge, he was fatally hurt by Conan and killed by Helliana, who threw herself into the fire with him.[3]


Zath (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 207 0001

He can turn into a spider, the size of a wild boar.[citation needed]

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