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Harper Simmons was a journalist working for the Guardian, a newspaper owned by a subsidiary of Worthington Industries.

He was approached by the Shadow King, who gives him camera-recording of an X-Force's mission, stating that was a proof that the X-Man Warren Worthington and the Avenger Wolverine were running a hit-squad against rivals and dissidents to their cause.

He contacted Edmund, his editor, but he was in a meeting with Warren, and Edmund was killed once the documents were recovered, in order to erase any evidence of X-Force and Archangel. Harper was then targeted himself by Archangel, but thanks to Wolverine, Warren's persona and Psylocke's interventions. Betsy then erased Harper's memories of X-Force and leave him lost in the street.[1]

At some point, he was investigating Dark Beast's prison break, thank to another mutant, Sugar Man. Simmons received a tip on the location of the fugitive, so went to a laboratory.

He found both of them there, and saw how they sealed the laboratory and went inside of a portal to another universe. Being his only way out, he enter in the portal also and ended up in the Age of Apocalypse.

After some time in that universe, he started to print a pamphlet with revolutionary ideas, creating several riots of mutants and humans alike that want unity and peace.

Keeper Murdock was sent to find and kill him, but the X-Terminated found him first and saved him from Weapon Omega's hounds. Simmons told his story to the Prophet, and led them to the place were the portal was. But when they arrived, they found Prelate Summers[citation needed]


X-Termination / Back on Earth-616

When Earth-295 was invaded by the Exterminators, Prophet had a Samurai Sentinel go find Simmons, in order to send him back to his world. As Harper argued that New Apocalypse was now his world, Stryker asked him to live as the living memory of his world and of the X-Terminated. He was brought back to Earth-616 by Nightcrawler.

Two weeks later, he met Prophet on Coney Island.[2]

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