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A band of harpies was summoned by Pluto to locate Venus, then living as a mortal as a humanities professor at UCLA. Entering a magical warp, they flew into the campus and almost immediately clashed with Iceman and Angel, who were students there. The harpies had to scatter and retreat. As they returned to the warp, they were attacked by the Ghost Rider. Afraid of his hellfire, they fled[1].

Powers and Abilities


These harpies are fierce fighters with scales, wings and talons. One of the harpies stated that the Ghost Rider’s infernal fire can destroy them, which implies that other assaults cannot. They might have some sort of special durability or regenerative capability, but nothing of the sort was demonstrated.


The harpies somehow could speak fluent American English. Presumably that was a side-effect of the magical warp that took them to Los Angeles.


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