Quote1.png Within five years I'm going to have every super hero working for me. And then... Then I will have them destroy Alchemax. Quote2.png
-- Harry Snow src


Harrison Snow (Earth-TRN588) from All-New X-factor Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Harry Snow was a scientist working at Alchemax. He and his partner, Barry Huff, developed time dilation equipment and escaped to the Heroic Age.[1] Harry became the CEO and President of Serval Industries, a massive, multi-faceted corporation that started off as a search engine. Harrison believed that expanding his business by creating a superhero arm would be a good idea, theorizing that if countries and the United Nations could have their own superhero teams, so could corporations. He purchased the rights of the X-Factor name from Jamie Madrox and recruited Polaris to lead the new X-Factor team.[2][3]

  • Harry graduated from Harvard University and was at one time the editor of the schools newspaper, The Harvard Lampoon.

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