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Quote1.png The doctors tell me he has cirrhosis of the liver. He's known for a year... just didn't tell anyone. He figures he's going to be dead soon, why not be drunk. Sick thing is I get it. Might even have done the same in his shoes. But any identification, any sympathy, drains when I have to be the one to tell her. Quote2.png
Flash Thompson[src]


Harrison Thompson is the father of Flash Thompson and the husband of Rosie Thompson. He also has a daughter Jessie Thompson. Harrison Thompson worked as police officer for the NYPD. He was an honest cop, but due to the stresses of the job, he developed an alcoholism problem. He would turn violent when drunk and abusive towards his children, especially his son Flash. This abuse is what lead to Flash becoming a bully in high school, as he was lashing out against his home life.[1]

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Alcoholism: Harrison Thompson has been battling against his alcoholism due to the high pressures of working as a cop in New York City. He took out his frustration on his children.[1]

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