The Harry Charles and His Swingster jazz band has hit some hard times, without a gig in sight the band is down to their last dime. Harry wishes the band can get noticed and hates thinking of the idea of breaking up. He reads the newspaper and finds a story about a banquet being thrown for renown music critic Gregory Frost by the Schuyer family. Harry convinces his band that they should try to land a gig at the banquet in the hopes of being noticed by Frost.

Harry pays a visit to the Schuyer estate where he convinces Mr. Schuyer to allow his band to play at the banquet. With no money and no place to stay for the night, the band decides to sleep in the nearby park for the night. Later that evening, Nick Symes robs a toy factory and is pursued by the Blonde Phantom. However Symes and his gang manage to trip up the Blonde Phantom and flee into the night. They hideout in the park running into members of Harry's band. Learning what they band is doing and where their next performance is, Symes and his men decide to rob the banquet.

The next day as Harry and his band make their way to the Schuyer estate they are confronted by Nick Symes and his men who order them into a car at gun point and force them to smuggle the gang into the party. As the guests begin to roll in, Mark Mason has been hired to check the guests invitations. When Louise Grant arrives herself she spots Nick Symes in a car with the band and slips away to change into the Blonde Phantom.

With the performance started, Harry is forced to include members of Nick's gang in the band which makes their performance horrible. Suddenkly, Symes draws his gun and orders people to hand over their valuables when suddenly the Blonde Phantom arrives. She easily beats the band and when she learns the missing members are being held hostage by one of Symes' men, she rescues them as well. With the full band together, hey put on a performance that surprises Frost who intends to give them a good write up in his column. At the end of the party, Louise Grant drives Mark home once more having to listen to him obsess over the Blonde Phantom.[1]

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