Nothing has been revealed about the early life of Harry Dolenz. A common criminal in New York, Harry was invited to the funeral of a well known ganglord, Big Louie. During the funeral, Malachi Toomes, who was overseeing the event, announced that his uncle had proclaimed himself the new Kingpin of Crime after Wilson Fisk's retirment. Toomes elaborated that Big Louie failed to recognized his uncle as the new boss, and he was killed because of it.

As a way to prove their loyalty, Toomes' uncle gave the funeral guests, including Harry, assignments to steal rare objects to decorate his new headquarters. The next day, Harry reluctantly accepted his task of stealing a jade monkey statue from a temple in Chinatown. While the residents of Chinatown celebrated the Chinese New Year with a parade, a jumpy Harry began making his way to the temple.

While wading thru the crowd, Harry spoted someone who he believed was a henchman for Black Alfred, a ganglord from Harlem looking to claim the Kingpin's power for his own. Harry tried to keep pace with the henchman, only to dive to the ground when a series of bangs rang out. Realizing the bangs were simply fireworks, Harry got back up, but could not relocate the henchman. Harry continued on his way to the temple, and, using the noise of the fireworks as a cover, broke the glass case surrounding the statue. Before Harry could steal the statue, an unknown assailant, also using the noisy fireworks as a cover, opened fire and shot Harry three times in the back, killing him instantly.

The next day, Daily Globe photographer Peter Parker turned in phtographs he had taken of the parade from a rooftop along the route to his editor Barney Bushkin. While reviewing them, Barry pointed out that Peter had in fact captured Harry's death on film.[1]



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