Sir Harry Everett Barclay inhabited the manor of Bat's Belfry (named so due to the bats' sounds originating from it), with his valet Leon and his cook Mortimer. The manor had previously been inhabited by Baronet Lohrville, a Vampire. Years ago, four girls of the village had disappeared, and all villagers knew they ended up at the manor. Turned into Lamais, they remained with Baronet Lohrville in Bat's Belfry, imprisoning their victims (mostly children) in the underground vaults.[1]

In July 1925, the Lamais and Baronet Lohrville tormented Sir Harry Everett Barclay, Leon and Mortimer, in dreams, subtle apparitions and even collecting blood on them at night. After Mortimer and Leon left, Sir Harry (helped by Leon's confuse mentions of Lamais) was led to the vault where he found the Book of Thoth and became certain of their existence, he used the book to summon them, but forgot to place himself in a magic circle to protect himself, and was consequently attacked by the Lamais who turned him into a Vampire.[1]

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