Harry Hauser was the host of his own radio talk show,[1] the Hauser Retort,[2] and his TV talk show, Hauser Update.[3] He was a public detractor of Sam Wilson having taken up the mantle of Captain America, believing his political stance to be Anti-American.[4] Hauser was additionally a member of Hydra.[5]

As the main promoter of the social media campaign "#GiveBackTheShield," which later evolved it to "#TakeBackTheShield,"[2] Hauser joined forces with other two opponents of Sam Wilson, the businessman Paul Keane and the Senator Thomas Herald, and tried to convince U.S. Agent to force Wilson to forfeit his shield.[6] The plan of the three men to have U.S. Agent take the shield from Wilson was secretly supported by Steve Rogers himself.[2]

Hauser later helped Rogers cover his trail to prevent anybody from finding out about his involvement with the attempt to take down Sam Wilson. During a dinner with Paul Keane, Hauser poisoned his drink and killed him.[5]

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