A variation of Harry Horowitz from Earth-1218 whose life was closely mirrored by his Earth-616 counterpart. Horowitz (circa 1889 to April 13, 1914) was an American criminal who was born and operated in pre-Prohibition New York City. Known as "Gyp the Blood", he served time in prison for robberies, and for a time led the Lenox Avenue Gang, a violent street gang out of Harlem. In 1912, he and three associates of his were arrested and eventually convicted of murdering a gambler named Herman Rosenthal, for which they were executed in 1914. Horowitz was popularized by a satirical song, "'Gyp the Blood' or Hearst!? Which is worst?!," which compared him with the controversial newspaper publisher, William Randolph Hearst.

Decades after his death, Horowitz was either brought back to life or pulled through time to the future by Terdu to become one of the members of the Masters of Evil, a group comprised of the outlaws from history. The group confronted Captain America and Bucky and were able to capture them. They brought the pair back to their base and second fight ensued between Cap and the criminals but this time he was able to best them. Terdu then returned them back from whence they came.[1]

Strength level

In life, Gyp the Blood supposedly possessed unusual strength in spite of his diminutive size, bragging that he'd once broken a man's back in three places on a bit. He did not display any such ability during his time serving Terdu, however.

  • Gyp the Blood was mentioned among those summoned in a caption box, but he was not specifically identified during the story. He may have been among a small band of bank robbers that a police officer recognizes as having died years ago in the electric chair, which was the manner by which Horowitz and his accomplices were executed.

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