Harrry Key was a corrupt P.I. who was caught in the act[1] and subsequently blackmailed by Michael O'Brien to help him in a plot against Anthony Stark. O'Brien made Key perform industrial espionage on Stark[2] O'Brien was furious when Key didn't turn up any documents that supported his theory, but, once O'Brien had made Key help in a crime, O'Brien could no longer threaten to arrest Key without charging himself.[3]

However, before Key could run away, he was intercepted by Stark's secretary Krissy Longfellow—who was secretly the fugitive super-criminal Madame Masque. Key had already worked with Masque, and she threatened him to get his help in her escape. Key drove Longfellow away, pursued by SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell. Key lost Sitwell.

We then discovered that Key was working for Mordecai Midas, a supervillain based in a Flying Fortress. Key took Longfellow and a briefcase supposedly containing Iron Man's armor to the Fortress. Midas quickly discovered that the armor was a fake and blamed Key for that. Key tried to complain and to frame Longfellow, but Midas, mercilessly, threw Key from his fortress. Key fell a long distance to his death, while Midas turned his attention to Longfellow—




He was an industrial spy and a private eye.

Strength level



He had a high self-esteem, styling himself as a great detective and spy.


Own customized car.

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