The Harvester is an alien from a race of "farmers" that seed worlds for later energy harvesting of its livestock. Three billion years ago, they visited Earth, a "volcanic soup without atmosphere, its continents still cooling and unrecognizable, with no atmospheric oxygen, still trapped in the oceans".

Using meteors, they rained parasites to merge with the cells, forming new organisms. Most of those parasites died but others managed to spawn generations of hosts infected, finally merging together into a single creature. Those parasites eventually became known as Mitochondria, the "energy factory in all animal cells". Those developed, perfected into more and more complex forms, integrating within all life.[1]

The Harvester, was sent to Earth 30 years ago to prepare the planet for harvesting. His race having insinuated their genetic code into all living cells on the planet at the dawn of life had patiently watched the evolution of life for millions of years, finally decided to harvest their "ripe crop". The Harvester, arrived in Picayune, Kansas and placed the inhabitants under his control. A mutant telekinetic,Mike Dorie,was the only person not to fall under his influence, due to his mutant physiology.

Mikes plight drew the attention of Nate Grey, the X-Man, who, as shaman to mutantkind, took up the duty of stopping the Harvester. Eventually, Nate realized that the only way to defeat the Harvester would be to sacrifice himself, and after he anointed Mike his successor as shaman, he transformed his body into energy and merged himself with the Harvester. He then scattering both of their energies over the cells of every living thing across the globe, "poisoning" the "crop" and making Earth unsuitable for harvesting by his people.[1]


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