Little is detailed about Mole Man’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Mole Man of Earth-616.

Somehow infected, Harvey is seen as part of the horde of zombified zuper-villians, who attack Galactus when he arrives on Earth. After the Power Cosmic Zombies have immobilised the World-Devourer, Harvey is killed in the scrap over Galactus’ remains.[1]


  • Radar Sense: The Mole Man possesses heightened senses that have developed naturally to compensate for his poor vision. Primary among these is his "Radar Sense", which may be similar to Daredevil's, although it is not as acute.


  • Scientific Genius: The Mole Man is a scientific genius, who has mastered the principles underlying the Deviant technology that he discovered in Subterranea and has even made radical improvements upon much of it.
  • Fighting Skill: The Mole Man has developed a means of fighting with using his staffs that resembles the martial art of kendo.


  • Abnormal Sensitivity (Light): Although the Mole Man has adequate vision in dark places, he is blinded by normal light.


  • Staves.

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