Younger sister of Sosumi Brown, Hashi had a habit of making trouble after their parents died. Being kicked out of her third school in a row, Sosumi insisted Hashi come to see her after she was arrested for mooning a passing sheriff whilst drunk driving.

Sosumi insists Hashi finish her studies at the school whilst also teaching a self defense class, but Hashi rejects the idea, having a heated argument with her sister.

After losing patience with her new roommate, Hashi goes back to Sosumi's office to confront her sister to find her not there. After trying to antagonize her sister into showing herself, Hashi rattles an antique skull on the shelf, causing a panel to open in the wall. Finding her way into Sosumi's hidden sanctum, she realizes her sister is the Punisher. Picking up a tachi that had been on display, she puts on her uniform and sets out after her sister.

Coming in just in time to rescue her sister from Oni Yew, she cuts the demon to ribbons before helping her to escape. She questions her sister on why she never used the sword, only to be told it is cursed, and thus, she is now cursed.


Expert Martial Artist: Hashi possesses a great amount of martial ability, capable of causing people to fall unconscious just by poking a certain point on their necks.


Cursed: Not 'The Mummy' level cursed, but around the 'Water that turns you into a panda' level cursed.


Cursed Tachi: A cursed sword, while the exact nature of its curse is unknown, it glows a bright red when wielded and is effective against Oni.

  • According to Hashi, her parents died in a 'freak pogo stick accident'. Though this is likely not to be taken seriously, or at least about as seriously as the rest of the comic.

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