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The third Hate-Monger (after Adolf Hitler and the Man-Beast) was an android created by the scientist and conqueror Psycho-Man, who gave it its power and its nickname, H.M. Unger (as a pun on "H.M."-"Hate Monger"). The creation took place on the Microverse, but then Psycho-Man took the Hate-Monger to New York. [1]

The Hate-Monger was sent to New York City to induce hate among traditional rivals: Black men versus white men; young people versus old people; men versus women; etc. He appeared to each group as a possible member (A woman before speaking to women; and then a man to speak with men). He would also provide his audience with pamphlets created by the Psycho-Man. This plan led to revolts, violent and riots in New York City. [2]

Following his master's orders, The Hate-Monger took the aspect of Reed Richards and went to Richards' wife, Susan Storm, who was fooled by the disguise. Then, Psycho-Man and the Hate-Monger took Storm by surprise and altered her mind, so that she became Malice. [3] She was then sent to destroy the rest of the Fantastic Four. However, Reed Richards understood what happened and freed her of the control by insulting and slapping her, giving her a real reason to be angry with him. The shock returned Storm's real mind. [4]

With a new device which emitted a certain energy, Richards destroyed the chemicals and thus the effects they had on people. The Fantastic Four chased Psycho-Man and The Hate-Monger. The enigmatic vigilante known as the Scourge also chased the Hate-Monger in secret, and shot him with an explosive bullet. The Hate-Monger was destroyed and melted. The Fantastic Four could not avoid his end, but chased the Psycho-Man to the Microverse. [5]


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Emotional Control: The Hate-Monger could induce hate in people near him. This power was increased if he could achieve physical contact. He could even transform love in hate.

Shapeshifting: The Hate-Monger could change his shape and duplicate the aspect of any human. He could replicate the face of a specific human, but not his clothes (He showed this power when performing Reed Richards enough to fool Susan Storm). It is unknown if he could replicate non-human forms, or how much he could change his mass.


The Hate-Monger showed a skill for Psychology



The Hate-Monger had some pamphlets with a chemical which helped him to control the mind of the people touching the pamphlets.

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