Haus was a member of the Herr Getmann's Traveling Menagerie the same circus that Nightcrawler grew up in. He was the strongman act due to his immense size and strength but due to a child-like mind, it made it rather easy for him to become friends of Kurt and his foster sister Amanda Sefton.[1]

After Kurt's recently return from the afterlife, he and his sister traveled back home to Germany to look for their mother, hoping she wasn't in danger from the dangerous being known as Trimega. When they made it to the circus grounds they were attacked by Haus and other members of the circus, Feuer and Gummi.

Haus (Earth-616) from Nightcrawler Vol 4 2 0002

Haus with the Bamfs.

They thought that Nightcrawler was some sort of demon who was disgracing the memory of their old friend. Haus grabbed Kurt from behind with his massive arms and squeezed him so tightly he couldn't teleport, giving Feuer enough time to fire his heat vision right at Kurt but before the fire blast was able to hit, Kurt managed to make enough space between him and Haus allowing him to port out of there, which ended in Haus on the receiving end of Feuer's beam.

This knocked some sense into Haus making him remember Kurt, so they realized it was really him. Kurt explained that they were there to see their mother, thinking she was in danger. As Kurt called out for her, Margali came out to let him know that she wasn't aware that someone might be after her, but before she could finish talking, Trimega appeared out of nowhere taking out Haus and the others with very little ease.[2]


Haus possesses superhuman strength and durability to an unknown degree.


Haus possesses a child-like personality which effects his behavior when getting mad.

"Haus" in German means house.

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