Hav-Rogg is the son of Zey-Rogg and grand-son to Yon-Rogg, enemy of Mar-Vell.

During the Shi'ar occupation of Hala, Mar-Vell's son, Genis-Vell tried to land on the planet but was soon attacked by Shi'ar crafts. Trying to avoid them by flying near to the surface, he was followed by the ships, firing on him near to civilians. Genis-Vell then strike back, blowing the Shi'ar and immediately realized he himself endangered the Kree. He managed to save them all from the debris falling from the sky using his Nega-Bands, and had to grab Hav-Rogg. He was soon acclaimed and was gave tips by the Kree Resistance Front for him to stop Zey-Rogg who reveals to be Hav-Rogg's father.

Once the battle ended, he came back talk with Hav-Rogg, revealing he hadn't killed Zey-Rogg and his followers, but imprisoned them in Calculex.

Because of his unusual appearance (red-headed, red-eyed, flashy pink skinned), it has been suspected that Hav-Rogg was an hybrid of Kree with another species. That statement is for now unconfirmed.[1]

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