One of the AC/Dee-See Comics characters, Hawk-mensch joined Superbman and Wondrous Woman when villains from their universe invaded the Marble Universe during the Smacks of Vengeance by Low Key.

Later, he was participating in yet another membership drive for the Just-A-League when they received an anonymous tip (from the Jokester and the Marble Universe villain, Kranky the time-conqueror) about a warehouse robbery. Arriving to find another team of gaudily-dressed characters, the Revengers, also there, they assumed each other to be a gang of criminals and a fight broke out. Squaring off in matches of two, Hawk-mensch was assigned Tiggera, a cat-woman who swiftly ate him up, leaving only a few feathers behind and burping for digestion purposes. Due to the satiric properties of Earth-9047, this was not necessarily fatal, however.



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  1. Smacks of Vengance! in What The--?! #6

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