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Hawk was a Native American born on a reservation in 1980. As a teenager Hawk often quarreled with his father about the treatment of their people and his father's addiction to the virtual reality machine called the Mural Phonics System. Hawk's father possibly died while using the system in 1995 and nothing more is known of Hawk until 2018 when he was one of Killraven's Freemen in Staten Island, New York. Hawk was captured by the Warlord, then freed by Killraven, but while escaping ran into a group of monsters, one of which shot acid at him scarring his face.

Hawk followed Killraven across the country helping him against such foes as Abraxas, Sabre, Rattack, Overlord, and Pstun-Rage. He also helped bring down the Death-Birth facility and defeat Atalon and the Sacrificer. Hawk was killed trying to save Grok from Skar, a cyborg that had been tracking Killraven.[1]

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Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #19 - Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #34


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