The man known as the Hawk was a member of the Nazis and was active during World War II. In the six months leading up to 1944, he and a group of Nazi spies began stealing secret American military plans on blimps, balloons, and other flotation devices in order to build a massive airship called "Der Tag" (The Day). Their thefts prompted FBI head J. Edgar Hoover to seek the aid of the Human Torch and Toro to try and capture the spies responsible.

Tracking the Hawk and his men to a secret government station, the two heroes were knocked out and placed in an air-tight, asbestos-lined room to suffocate while the Hawk and his men escaped. The Human Torch and Toro managed to escape, but by the time they had, the Hawk and his men were long gone.

Over the next six months, they had completed Der Tag, and by the start of 1944 had it airborne over the Untied States, using its gas jets to wipe out farm land with deadly gas. The Human Torch and Toro eventually tracked down the massive airship and the used their flame powers to blow it out of the sky, killing the Hawk and his crew.[1]


When piloting Der Tag, the Hawk and his crew all wore special helmets that allowed them to breathe at high altitudes.


Der Tag (Airship) from All Winners Comics Vol 1 11 0001

Der Tag

The Hawk piloted a massive airship called Der Tag, which utilized blimp technologies to attain a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet in the air. It had massive gas cannons attached to the sides of its hull and a gas cannon on its front bow which sprayed a chemical gas that killed crops. The ship also had cannons and a runway to carry fighter planes. It had three blimps tethered to it to allow for landing parties to leave the ship on missions. The ship was ultimately destroyed by the Human Torch and Toro.


The Hawk had conventional weapons.

The words "Der Tag" are German for "The Day". The Hawk, like many Nazis during the time, all believed that "Der Tag" was the day the Nazis would rule over the entire world.

Der Falke & Der Habicht are German words for Hawk.

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