When Doctor Doom discovered that the hidden country of Wakanda held important deposits of valuable Vibranium mineral, he decided to scout the area and find these. To do so, Doom immediately went to a secret laboratory within Castle Doom in Latveria where he built an electronic surveillance device.[1] This device, while totally electronic, had the shape of a hawk and was undistinguishable from a real bird from a certain distance[1][2] - in fact, from a protected species, so it would not be hindered by hunters.It was a mindless drone[1][2] that Doom could control from a chamber, using a joystick to move it and buttons for special actions. A monitor provided a view of the hawk -not through its eyes.[1]

The hawk scanner, being electronic, was immune to psyonic attacks and was more endurant that a common bird due to its metallic hull. It also had an energy-based bolt[2] attack that was shot from its mouth at Doom's command. This bolt could obliterate an unprotected human. More importantly, it had transcontinental flight autonomy[1] of up to 8046.72 kilometers and advanced sensors to trace whatever material Doom programmed it for - in this case, vibranium. Lastly, the hawk had a flamboyant self-destruct system to prevent it from falling in the wrong hands.[2] Doom's construction process included moving the pieces together without physically touching them.[1]

Doom quickly built the hawk and sent it to Latveria. It had an encounter: A poacher intended to shot it down, even if it supposedly was a protected species. Doom noticed that and used the bird's cannon to kill the poacher.[1]

Doom's hawk scanner reached Wakanda and explored the country undetected, finding the vibranium deposits and broadcasting the data to Doom.[1] Once Doom got all the information he needed, he activated the hawk's self-destruction. Doom never built a second hawk scanner, as far as is known.[1][2]


Unnamed in its comic appearance, full name revealed in Machines of Doom.

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