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Cherry was a 1970s Dodge Challenger purchased by Clint Barton.[1] The car has been frequently damaged and repaired.[4][5][6][7][8][2]


On a whim, Clint Barton purchased 1970s Dodge Challenger from a mysterious woman called Cherry. Unfortunately, shortly after the transaction, Cherry was kidnapped and the Dodge was stolen by the Tracksuit Mafia.[1]

Cherry, the 1970s Dodge Challenger

With help from Kate Bishop, Clint was able to recover the car and save Cherry, but the Dodge was heavily damaged during a chase across the Manhattan Bridge.[1]

The Dodge being washed away during Hurricane Sandy

The Dodge was repaired, though it still suffered from minor problems like a sticky trunk. The Dodge was heavily damaged again in Queens during Hurricane Sandy, when it was washed away in the flooding.[4]

The Dodge was repaired once again, but was crashed by Aimee while sho was helping Clint Barton fight the Tracksuit Mafia.[5]

The Dodge was repair again and received a new paint job at some point as Hawkeye used the Dodge Challenger during a team-up with Old Man Logan.[9] However, it was again badly damaged during the team-up.[10]

Alternate Reality Versions

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Old Man Logan (Earth-807128)

In the dystopian future, Hawkeye modified his 1970s Dodge Challenger with a larger engine, protective cages around the windshield and roof, and a large grille guard.[11]

Dwight Barrett drove the Dodge into a Venom attacking Hawkeye. To escape the pair drove to the Bishop Refuge.[12] While protecting the Refuge from the Venom symbiotes, the Dodge was severely damaged.[7]

With Kate Bishop, Hawkeye drove the Dodge to the Sanctuary of the Silent Sisterhood in Minnesota.[13] Unfunately, they were ambushed by Bullseye. During their escape, the Dodge was seemingly destroyed with explosives.[8]

The Dodge was last seen when Kate Bishop dropped off Hawkeye at Logan's homestead and drove off into the sunset.[3]

Old Man Hawkeye #1-12

Kate Bishop admiring the 1972 Dodge Challenger

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

While escaping from the Tracksuit Mafia, Kate Bishop tried to convince Hawkeye to steal a cherry red 1972 Dodge Challenger for their getaway car, but Hawkeye refused because he didn't want to smash it. They pair instead hotwired a Chrysler. However, Maya Lopez pursued them in the Dodge with other members of the Tracksuit Mafia chasing in other vehicles. Despite Hawkeye's best efforts, the Dodge was still badly damaged when the chase culminated on the Manhattan Bridge.[2]

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