1970 Dodge Challenger

Katherine Bishop (Earth-616) and Clinton Barton (Earth-616) from Hawkeye Vol 4 3 001
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1970 Dodge Challenger
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Cherry was a 1970's Dodge Challenger purchased by Clint Barton.[1] The car has been frequently damaged and repaired.[2][3][4]


On a whim, Clint Barton purchased 1970 Dodge Challenger from a mysterious woman called Cherry. Unfortunately, shortly after the transaction, Cherry was kidnapped and the Dodge was stolen by the Tracksuit Mafia.[1]

Hawkeye's 1970 Dodge Challenger from Hawkeye Vol 4 3 0001

Cherry, the 1970's Dodge Challenger

With help from Kate Bishop, Clint was able to recover the car and save Cherry, but the Dodge was heavily damaged during a chase across the Manhattan Bridge.[1]

Hawkeye's 1970 Dodge Challenger from Hawkeye Vol 4 7 0002

The Dodge being washed away during Hurricane Sandy

The Dodge was repaired, though it still suffered from minor problems like a sticky trunk. The Dodge was heavily damaged again in Queens during Hurricane Sandy, when it was washed away in the flooding.[2]

The Dodge was repaired once again, but was crashed by Aimee while sho was helping Clint Barton fight the Tracksuit Mafia.[3]

The Dodge was repair again and received a new paint job at some point as Hawkeye used the Dogde Challenger during a team-up with Old Man Logan.[5] However, it was again badly damaged during the team-up.[6]

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