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Quote1.png I spent three years of my life with your kind. Imprisoned. Beaten. On the run. You can never trick me again. No matter whose face you have. I'll kill you every time. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Ghosts (Part 6) - Haunted"

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Synopsis for "Ghosts (Part 6) - Haunted"

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Attention new readers: This shock-filled issue is a great jumping-on point! After last issue's daring developments, learn what will impact our deadly duo next! What is Hawkeye's new mission? Why is Mockingbird in the Savage Land? What secret is Dominic Fortune keeping? And who is the mysterious organization that is launching plans to destroy the lives of our troubled tandem? Time to leap on the rollercoaster that has Newsarama.com鈥檚 Best Shots raving 鈥淚t's lighthearted swashbuckling with romance and intrigue鈥ust like the skills of its titular heroes, this is a book you can't miss.鈥

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