This "Hawkeye" is a Skrull posing as Hawkeye and a member of the Skrull Avengers. He has the same abilities of Hawkeye and wields a Skrull replica of a bow and trick arrows.[1]

He was with the four Skrull Avengers in a fake rescue play to fool Captain America but were knocked out by Cap. He was the third one to fall as he tried to hit him with trick arrows but failed as Cap jumped on him.[1]

After that, he went with the whole team of Skrull Avengers on a mission to steal Vibranium from Wakanda. During the battle, he battled Black Panther, the Wakandan forces, and the real Avengers before the exposure of Thor and Black Panther as Skrulls, who were seen by everyone.[2]

Hearing Skrull Iron Man's order to destroy everyone, he attacked Hawkeye as he shot a trick arrow at him but the latter quickly grabbed it and threw it back at him, which may have hit Skrull Wasp. After seeing that, he couldn't believe that no one could do that one but Hawkeye said that he is good at it before punching him in the face really hard.[3]

After the battle, his body was piled up along with the others.


Seemingly those of Hawkeye.


Seemingly those of Hawkeye.


Skrull ship.


Seemingly those of Hawkeye.

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