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Synopsis for "Listen to the Mockingbird"

Hawkeye tests his new Cycle out made by Jorge Latham and then takes his new girlfriend Sheila Danning back to his apartment. Clint tells Sheila about his past and the events which lead him to become Hawkeye. Afterwards, Clint is sent back to Cross to deal with an intruder which turns out to be Mockingbird.

The two heroes have a small skirmish and Mockingbird tries to tell Hawkeye that Cross is dealing in illegal activities but Hawkeye ends up having her captured by the guards. Hawkeye returns to his apartment but having become curious at Mockingbirds warning so he sends Sheila home and returns to Cross to investigate. Once at Cross, Hawkeye himself is captured by the guards and put into a pit with Mockingbird. Sheila arrives and reveals to the two heroes that she knew about Cross's activities and was paid to be Clint's girlfriend to keep him from finding out the truth. Toxic waste is then poured into the pit but the two heroes manage to escape and Hawkeye confronts Sheila with the latter stating that Cross is going to come after him because he knows too much. Hawkeye just leaves her in her apartment and he and Mockingbird ride back to Manhattan in silence.

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