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  • Silencer (First and only known appearance)

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Synopsis for "Point Blank!"

After getting some target practice and beating up some thugs on some abandoned railway tracks in Manhattan, Hawkeye returns to his apartment to find it has been emptied completely. He goes back to the balcony, where he parked his Sky-Cycle to find Mockingbird leaning against it and offering to buy Clint some breakfast. He accepts and the fly off with Silencer watching in the shadows.

Later, the two heroes stop off at Mockingbirds apartment where she explains how she became a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and her life since then. Clint falls asleep and Bobbi goes out to buy some things for his costume. Later, Silencer sneaks into the apartment and puts gun to Clint's head but, Clint wakes up before Silencer can kill him. Clint manages to dodge Silencer's bullets before Bobbi gets back and makes Silencer retreat. Hawkeye puts on his new costume and the pair go to visit Jorge Latham at his house who informs the heroes of the security changes at Cross. The two heroes then head off to the Cross Tech building.

After breaking into the building and finding some files, Hawkeye and Mockingbird are attacked by Silencer. Hawkeye manages to push himself and Silencer out of the window only for them both to land on the Sky-Cycle. The two struggle with each other and try to hold onto the Sky-Cycle at the same time but they both eventually fall off whilst over a factory chimney. Hawkeye manages to push Silencer down the chimney before escaping on his Sky-Cycle to pick up Mockingbird back at the Cross Tech and flying away.

Solicit Synopsis

Hawkeye is on the run from Cross Technological, and Cross would like nothing better than to silence the avenging archer. So who more appropriate to send than-- the Silencer?

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