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Synopsis for "Run of the Arrow"

Hawkeye contacts War Machine to come help him in his and Rover's fight against the Secret Empire. He explains that he picked Rhodes feeling they were currently on the same wavelength of moodiness and being down on the Avengers for reasons. War Machine takes Hawkeye to the workshop of his mechanic friend, Mack Mendelson, who hooks Clint up with a new costume, a new bow and arrows, and an upgraded sky-cycle. Once they pick up a Secret Empire signal coming from an island in the Caribbean Sea, Hawkeye, War Machine, and Rover invade the base, shutting down the operation there, and getting information on the location of Viper's forces before escaping the island's self-destruction. At the Secret Empire's new base in the Amazon basin, Viper inspects their newest product, a larger and fiercer genetic construct beast of Rover's kind.


  • Hawkeye and War Machine were teammates in the West Coast Avengers until very recently. War Machine quit the Avengers in Avengers: West Coast #102 over the east coast division's reprimands of the WCA's performance and over his ongoing feud with Tony Stark after finding out he faked his death in Iron Man #289.

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