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Hawkeye and Rover begin their assault on the Secret Empire's new base in the Amazonian jungle. Hawkeye thinks to himself that he no longer blames the Avengers for Bobbi's death, which is a thing he had apparently somehow been blaming the Avengers for and would probably explain his attitude over the previous three issues. To deal with the invaders, Viper releases the new, deadlier beastmen to hunt Hawkeye and Rover through the forest. Hawkeye incapacitates and evades several of the creatures with the help of his net and taser arrows, but is soon cornered on a broken rope bridge. He's unexpectedly saved by Trickshot, who explains that he was working for the Secret Empire because the pay was good, but he didn't think his former protegé deserved to go down his way. Trickshot takes the time to advise Clint on confronting his own feelings over Bobbi's death before heading out to distract the constructs, giving Hawkeye and Rover the opening to make it to the base. They fight and defeat Viper and Javelynn, destroying the Secret Empire's operation.

Afterwards, Hawkeye decides it's time to return to civilization and ditch the brooding loner routine, but after almost getting hit by a truck as soon as he makes it out onto the road, he turns back figuring a little more time with Rover in the wilderness couldn't hurt.


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