Quote1 I'm sorry, Kate. I don't mean to hurt you. As someone who has lost a loved one, I don't take your pain lightly and I don't mean to toy with you. I just needed you to understand that I could do it. So you could see that it's real, so you could see what's at stake. This is not complicated, Kate. I can bring her back to you. Just agree to help me take down Barton and she's yours. What do you say? Quote2
-- Eden Vale

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• Eden, the mysterious woman trying to assassinate Clint, has abducted Kate and offered her the chance of a lifetime... to see her mother again.

• All Kate has to do is betray Clint, no big deal! Meanwhile, Clint’s on a mission to rescue Kate from Eden’s clutches and is finding himself with too many sidekicks.

• Way, WAY too many.

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