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Hawkshaw was a member of the Press Gang, mutant patriots of Genosha who joined the Magistrates of their own free will instead of being submitted for the Mutate process. He was first seen retrieving the expatriate Genoshan nurse Jenny Ransome from Australia.[1]

When the Mutates were freed and Fabian Cortez engineered a civil war in Genosha, Hawkshaw fought on the side of the humans and Magistrates. He and Pipeline attempted to retrieve geneticist Renee Majcomb from the United States, but were stopped by Cable and members of X-Force.[2] Hawkshaw later confronted Cable again when he arrived on Genosha itself during the street fighting.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathic Tracking: Hawkshaw could psionically detect living being across entire continents, and was able to use his ability to track any animal, human, or mutant. He could recognize mutants by their psionic signatures and tell if someone was awake or asleep.
  • X-Factor Detection: When using his tracking abilities, he could tell which of his prey were normal humans and which were mutants.

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