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Haze Mancer is an arms-dealer specializing in raiding Klyntar and capturing symbiotes,[1] killing any members of the Agents of the Cosmos who found out about his activities.[2][3] Haze Mancer weaponizes the symbiotes he captures using a chemical to amplify their aggression and bloodlust while speeding up the bonding process. He classifies these corrupted symbiotes into categories such as war-brutes, slashers, and slinkers; then sells them to buyers such as space-pirates, mercenaries, and other criminal and military belligerents. One of the symbiotes he captured and weaponized would go on to become known as the Venom symbiote, but it somehow managed to escape and elude recapture for an unknown number of years.[4]

Haze Mancer sold six symbiotes to the space-pirate/bounty hunter Killer Thrill and her crew, which drew the attention of the time-displaced X-Men and Venom when she attacked and captured the Starjammers. The Young X-Men and Venom travelled to Kariteth, where they were told to seek Haze Mancer out if they wanted symbiotes. They subsequently interrupted an arms-deal wherein Haze Mancer was attempting to sell symbiotes to a group of robots engaged in a conflict with the Badoon, and Haze Mancer recognized the Venom symbiote and attempted to recapture it. In the course of the fight, several of the symbiote containment tanks were shattered and the symbiotes inside bonded to the Young X-Men.[4] Haze Mancer was defeated, but the Young X-Men stopped Venom from eating him and Marvel Girl read his mind to obtain the information needed to hunt down Killer Thrill and her space pirates. Despite trying to cut a deal with them, Haze Mancer was subsequently turned over to the Nova Corps, but was broken free by a Poisoned incarnation of Kraven the Hunter.[2]


Haze Mancer is a ruthless arms dealer who specializes in hunting and trapping symbiotes. A consummate professional, he subdued and captured a sixth symbiote when it interfered with his mission to capture five;[1] and was offended by the notion of sampling his own wares, boasting he'd never come across a situation where he would need to bond to a symbiote.[4] He was also crafty enough to try to talk his way out of being apprehended, offering to give the Young X-Men a significant amount of money if they let him go and agreed to work with him by seeding symbiotes with their powers.[2]



Haze Mancer wields a sonic gun and a variety of traps capable of stunning symbiotes, rendering them inert.[1]

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