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Quote1.png I alone, of all my race, am left to guard those who shall survive Eternity's ending! I alone am left to sow destiny's seeds! Quote2.png
He Who Remains[src]

He Who Remains is the final director of the Time Variance Authority at the Citadel at the End of Time, the last reality of the Multiverse.


He created the Time-Twisters to teach the next universe, who inevitably starred time traveling into the past and destroying the universe they were currently in. Thor stepped in, and with the help of Jane Foster, told Him Who Remains that his Time-Twisters were breaking the past, which caused Him to prevent their existence, interrupting their birth in the past.[citation needed]

At this point two different realities spawned: in Earth-794282 Him created the new Time-Keepers after the death of the Time-Twisters, while in Earth-761243 the Time-Twisters continued to live.[citation needed]

It was revealed that Him later banished a fourth Time Keeper back to Egypt, the Oracle of Siwa.[1]

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