He Who Summons is reportedly a high ranking member of the enigmatic Watchers, alien beings who have charged themselves with the recording of all history in the universe, but under a strict oath of non-interference. The history of He Who Summons is mostly a mystery. His earliest recorded appearance was during the modern age when Uatu the Watcher of Earth brought the inert body of Aron a rogue Watcher under his charge to the other Watchers as punishment. [1] Later when the Watchers were being gathered to battle the Celestials, who had determined the Watchers and their supreme leader, known only as the One a threat to the universe, including Uatu. [2] He later witnessed as the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Force battled the Celestials on their behalf. [3] After the Fantastic Four defeated the Celestials they resumed their battle against Aron the Rogue Watcher. During the final battle, Uatu used his power to slay Aron. In response to this, He Who Summons appeared before the Watcher and summoned him into exile. [4]

Although He Who Summons stripped Uatu of his title of Watcher, he continued to observe the history of the Earth, and eventually restored to his former title. [5]

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