Head was the general of the Cyborg Underground on Deneb IV. Head and the rebellion fought the Kree Null-Trons, machines that were created to kill all life on the planet, a war that was orchestrated by the Supreme Intelligence, to lure Captain Marvel and Rick Jones to the planet. The group was forced to hide underground.[1] Head was a cyborg, his head was grafted on an old Null-Tron machine by his allies, in order to save his life. He also was in possession of the Mind Gem.[2]

When Captain Marvel and Rick Jones arrived on the planet, Head sent out cyborgs to overwhelm and apprehend the duo and brought them to their underground base. Head wanted help fighting the war in exchange to cure their sickness, he claimed that their minds were merging into one being.[1] He convinced Captain Marvel, that only way to cure their illness was to use the mind gem, both Jones and Mar-Vell went in the mind gem and were trapped.

The Head revealed to Rambu his actual plan, that his mind was merged with the Null-Tron and was willing to end the war regardless of who won. Enraged Rambu tried to destroy the gem, but with the help of Fawn, Rambu entered the mind gem instead and convinced the belligerent minds to stop. All four of them left the mind gem and Deneb IV. Afterward, they left the warring factions on Deneb IV to their own devices.[2]

The current whereabouts of the Head are unknown.


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