The most powerful woman on Wall Street, Headhunter becomes obsessed with Namor and his power upon witnessing him in battle with John Horton, the Griffin. She takes Desmond Marrs captive, luring Desmond's sister Phoebe and Namor to her office.[1]

Headhunter captures Namor, placing him in her wall of severed heads, the "Skull Orchard." She planned to use her control over him to discover lost treasures in the ocean. When Namorita, who had been trailing Namor, breaks in, Namor reveals that he was immune to the mesmerization; he was merely trying to figure out what was going on. As Namor destroys the "Skull Orchard," freeing all the captives, Headhunter escapes in her helicopter. With Namor pursuing her, Headhunter crashes the helicopter into the East River.

She kept her powers after the Decimation[2] and was later hired by Purple Man to help him recruit villains for his Villains for Hire program.[3]


Headhunter could mesmerize and control others. She used these powers to gain an advantage in the financial world, as well as to place in a catatonic state those who crossed her. She placed these victims behind a wall in her office, with only their heads exposed, creating the illusion of various grisly trophies.


Headhunter's powers seem to be ineffective against mutants. As an albino, she is vulnerable to bright lights, and rarely leaves her home or office.

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